About this site

This site documents classic Schwinn bicycles through catalogs, photos, specs, videos, and pretty much anything else we can find. Our goal is that Schwinn collectors and enthusiasts will find the most complete information about vintage Schwinn bicycles here.

We are Anna and Patrick Sexton.

If you have a specific question about a vintage Schwinn bike like "How much is it worth?" or "What accessories did it come with originally?" please refer to my "How much is my Schwinn worth?" article.

As I was trying to get information about an older Schwinn bike I realized that every time I searched Google for the name and year of the bike ( 1968 Schwinn Panther ) I wouldn't really find any specific information about that bike, I would find outdated sales from Ebay or auctions, but no concrete real info on the bike.

I have since found many wonderful resources on the web made by dedicated Schwinn enthusiasts. Unfortunately, one has to search and research quite a bit to find them. I wanted to make a site that would give collectors and restorers good solid info about vintage Schwinn bikes.

I also found that it was difficult to get details about certain Schwinn accessories, like which slimline tank tank goes on which bike? In the above picture I am holding a 1962 slimline tank from a Schwinn Fleet. I didn't know what tank it was until I searched the old catalogs. I found out that the design of the 1962 slimline tank was unique to that year, so that this was a very special tank indeed as it only was made for one year. I thought it would be great if I could start documenting such things so that others could know these things too.

Luckily between me and my wife Anna, we had enough knowledge in HTML to make a website. This is my website and we also have another website (it is about kitchen utensils).

It is because of Anna that the Schwinn serial number lookup tool exists, and she also did virtually all of the catalogs. I would buy a catalog on Ebay and Anna would transcribe the catalogs words and I would scan and crop images. She had the lions share of the work though and I would just not have been able to do it without her (I type with two fingers).

This site is made great through the generosity of Schwinn enthusiasts who have shared their experience, photos and time. We want to thank the Schwinn company who made such rich catalogs and documentation in the first place.

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