1941 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1941 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1941.

1941 schwinn 8

Buck Jones...

Famous "Western" hero, declares: "There's a heap of riding health and pleasure in my Schwinn-Built Lightweight. I'm for anything that gives a human being a healthy body". When you see buck on the screen in his next picture, you will agree that Buck demands perfection in both his horses and bicycles.

For the Ride of a Lifetime!

Schwinn-Built Bicycles

1941 schwinn 9

Everybody's Favorite...

And what a grand time they are having! In Hollywood and Honolulu. In New York and New Orleans. At Princeton and Vassar. Everybody, everywhere, seems to be discovering that there's a new thrill in cycling... ridin' Schwinn-Built bicycles!

We are sending you this to show you why and tell you why- to make you see the picture we see... a picture of bicycles so much finer than old-time bicycles that they actually make cycling seem like a new sport, just invented. The difference is real, not just something we imagine. The heads of this firm, son following father, have been building nothing but fine bicycles, for half a century and more.

Today Schwinn experts are devoting every ounce of energy- of engineering knowledge, of skilled craftsmanship, of technological progress- to making bicycles that are just as fine in their way as the new automobiles and clipper planes. New steels, new processes, new machines, new tests, new ideal, new safety and luxury and comfort... all go into the making of these superb bicycles that we proudly mark as Schwinn-Built.

In one of the most modern factories in America, we are building for you the bicycles that set the pace for the cycle industry. We invite you to read about these bicycles... and to imagine yourself spinning off on one of them. Boy or man, girl or woman- there's no age limit to a thrill like this. It's great to ride... when you ride a Schwinn-Built bicycle- the only bicycle guaranteed for life!

1941 schwinn 10

Captivating Constance Bennett...

and her son, Peter Plant, have lots of fun together on their Schwinn-Built Bicycles. "Peter is the family mechanic," says the slim, lovely star. "He's completely sold on riding Schwinn ... and I love to go along, because we have loads of fun and exercise together.

1941 schwinn 12

Bing Crosby and his Boys...

all riding Schwinn! Master Lindsay's riding the handlebars of Bing's Schwinn-Built Lightweight, with Gary next, and the twins, Dennis and Philip bringing up the right. The famous radio and screen star writes: "Schwinn got our vote for its written Lifetime Guarantee. When a maker does that it's got to be good".

Model B707-1

Auto Cycle De Luxe, Special

1941 schwinn b707

Boys, here's the bike that will keep you at the head of the parade in any company. What a beauty- with twin headlights, Spring Fork, Fore Wheel Brake, sparkling chrome carrier, cantilever type frame, built-in speedometer and newest styled embossed design tank and chain guard. And a quality thoroughbred as only Schwinn can built it.

Model D97XE-1 Special

Look at the poise and sparkle of this Schwinn favorite.

1941 schwinn d97xe

Beauty in that streamlined tank, torpedo-type fender light and cameled chain guard! Strength in that sweeping frame! Safety in the built-in quality of all moving parts- the Fore Wheel Brake. Riding comfort in the Spring Fork. Boys, here's your bike.

Model B607-1

There's riding enjoynment for you every moment you're aboard the new Schwinn Auto Cycle.

1941 schwinn b607

Note the graceful arch of the cantilever type frame, the trim over-all beauty and self contained fender light. To make it even more complete there's the famous Schwinn Spring Fork, Cycelock, Fore Wheel Brake and large-flange rear expander brake.

Model BA107-1

Here's the new Schwinn Auto-Cycle Deluxe that has everything.

1941 schwinn ba107

Note the beautiful, streamlined tank with embossed design and the smart, slip-stream headlight. And for riding comfort and safety there's the exclusive Schwinn Spring Fork, large-flange front hub and large-flange rear expander brake.

Ride Schwinn - Built Bicycles

With Lifetime Guarantee

Schwinn-Built Bicycles

bring new pleasure, new comfort, new safety, new value, to cycling. The best of materials go into their making- and the most expert workmanship. Their design and equipment is the last word, meeting and then going beyond the modern rider's ideal of perfection. No finer bicycles are made - yet Schwinn-Built Bicycles cost little or no more than those built to ordinary standards.

Durability is engineered into every Schwinn-Built Bicycle. Frames are reinforced and welded under a patented process which combines strength with flexibility. A ground coar of special paint is baked on the frame, then hand rubbed to form a perfect bond between the metal and the enamel finish, which never cracks or peels.

The enamel is hand-sprayed (not dipped) and baked at the precise temperature to insure lasting brilliancy. With the added luxuries of the exclusive features described below, the ownership of a Schwinn-Built Bicycle becomes a joy indeed!

Finally, there is the Schwinn Lifetime Guarantee, without a parallel in the bicycle industry. It is a written, dated, numbered guarantee, signed and certified by the maker, one of the oldest, largest, and strongest bicycle manufacturers in the United States. This guarantee covers every part of Schwinn make- for the lifetime of the original owner.

When you buy a bicycle, remember that there is always a best in everything - and in bicycles it is Schwinn - Built. So be sure the Schwinn Seal of Quality is on the frame of your bicycle. Look for the Lifetime Guarantee, attached to the frame. That is your double assurance that you are getting the best that your money can buy... a genuine Schwinn - Built Bicycle.... the only bicycle that is guaranteed for life! See the Schwinn dealer in your neighborhood today!

Arnold, Schwinn and Company
1718 N. Kildare Ave.,
Chicago, Illinois.

Model BA307-1 Special

Every bit as beautiful and graceful as the famous screen stars is this girls' favorite- The Hollywood.

1941 schwinn ba307

It has stunning colors, smart streamlined design, and all of the mechanical excellence found in the boy's model at the left. Equipped with exclusive Schwinn features- the Force Wheel Brake, Spring Fork, Cycelock and powerful rear expander brake.

Model D37XE-1

Swanky is the word for this good looking Schwinn girl's model. And look at the extras streamlined tank with built-in horn, torpedo type fender light, enamel chain guard - Schwinn over-all quality.

1941 schwinn d37xe

Here's your companion for many happy, carefree miles to adventure, wholesome fun and good health- the ideal bicycle for school and pleasure.

Model D97XE

You get a lot of bicycle for your money in this flashy Schwinn model.

1941 schwinn d97xe 1

Note the husky frame that combines beauty with rugged strength, the enameled, streamlined fender light and chain guard, heaver-tail enameled carrier and the racy lines of the tank which houses the horn. Its the bike you'll like!

Model W3LFC

Health, vigor and figure go with this English type New World Ladies' Sports Tourist.

1941 schwinn w3lfc

It's identical in quality with the men's Sport Tourist. Twin caliper brakes, streamlined enamel chain guard. Solid colors with two hairline stripes. A lightweight beauty to help you keep your beauty. Bicycling is the modern way to exercise - and here's the bike!

Model BA37-1

Not as much special equipment on this bike, but it has all the smart styling and design of "The Hollywood with a choice of standard or two-tone color combinations.

1941 schwinn ba37

Rims and handlebars are of glistening chromium finish. Sponge rubber- padded saddle is comfortable as an easy chair. All Schwinn exclusive features available for nominal extra cost. Girls, it's a real bike!

Model D97X-1

There are limitless miles of trouble free riding in this rugged, moderately priced Schwinn model.

1941 schwinn d97x

You get matchless Schwinn quality throughout, a wide choice of color combinations. Cycelock, Spring Fork and other exclusive Schwinn features if desired at little extra cost. Ant they add so much to safety and comfort.

1941 schwinn 13

Large-Flange Heavy- Duty Fore Wheel Brake

You get instant stopping power in the Schwinn super-safety feature- the Heavy-Duty Fore Wheel Brake. Large flange relieves spoke strain and the braking mechanism is the finest it is possible to produce. Schwinn's precise manufacturing and highest quality materials make Schwinn-Built bicycles the safest in the world.

Large-Flange Rear Expander Brake

Rear Expander Brake Hub is an exclusive Schwinn product. It has light, stron shoes lined with genuine asbestos brake lining. Built-in free wheel of Schwin design and manufacture climinates drag at all times and allows rear wheel to run freely. This brake gives you stopping safety that only a Schwinn-Built bicycle can provide.

Scwinn Front Hub

This Schwinn Front Hub has small flanges, a heavy steel shell, replaceable bearing cups, and large cones, heavily carborized and with fixed adjustment. It is practically indestructible built with the microscopic precision that identifies all Schwinn parts.

Large Flange Hub

Schwinn large-flange hubs add smartless to the appearance of your Schwinn-Built bicycle. They are masterpiece of precision workmanship, built for smooth rolling and hard riding. This is the large-flange front hub with a 2/8" inch axle and large hub cups and cones, and is recommended as companion to the new large-flange Rear Expaner Brake hub. All bearings are heavily carborized and fixed adjustment is provided.

Large- Flange Rear Hub with Free Wheel

Built into this hub is a rugged free wheel of Schwinn design and manufacture. Large flanges help releive spoke strain. This hub is identical in construction with the rear expander brake except that the plain, large flange is used instead of the expander brake and drum. It is designed for use with rim brakes on lightweight models.

1941 schwinn 14

Small - Flange Fore Wheel Brake

This Schwinn small-flange Fore Wheel Brake beings you to a smooth, gradual slow-down with a gentle pressure of your hand or stops your bicycle on a dime in an emergency. It is all steel and has a new improved expander brake mechanism comparable to those found on the best automobiles. You control it with a handlebar grip lever that works a steel cable through a serial dust proof and waterproof casing. Specify the Schwinn small-flange Fore Wheel Brake on the bike you buy.

Schwinn Cycelock

Your bicycles stays where you park it when it's equipped with the Schwinn Cycelock. Only Schwinn-Built bicycles have this patented built-in protection feature. The Cycelock is tamper-proof. A regualr Yale lock is built ddirectly into the strong, drop forged front fork. When the key is turned (see illustration at top) a steel bolt slips into a hole in the frame, keeping the front wheel solidly locked at an angle so the bicycle cannot be ridden or pushed away. Only those who get the key from you can borrow your bike. Insurance is easy to get, too, and at a special low rate, from a large national company when your bicycle is equipped with the Schwinn Cycelock. Ask your dealer. Available on all models.

1941 schwinn 15

Schwinn Spring Fork

The Schwinn Spring Fork, obtainable only on genuine Schwinn- Built bicycles, is one of the most senstational contributions ever made in cycling comfot. It operates on a simple, patented principle. The front fork is independently sprung against a tempered coil spring which absorbs the bumps as you glide along. It's like riding on air! Get the utmost of riding pleasure by specifying the Spring Fork for the Schwinn - Built bicycle you choose.

Schwinn Fender Light

The graceful, tapering form of the Schwinn fender light "tops off" the streamlined appearance of your Schwinn - Built Bicycle. It cuts a clean path of light to guide you in night riding. Battery ca be quickly changed by loosening two screws.

Model BA97 - 1

You'll be the envy oe every member of your hand with this bike.

1941 schwinn ba97

It has Schwinn quality through and through. Can be equipped with any combination of special Schwinn hubs and brakes available at slight extra cost. And remember, it's wise protecion to have the Cycelock installed, too.

Model BA307 - 1

There's riding case, style and lifelong service in every line of this member of the famous Schwinn hike family.

1941 schwinn ba307 1

The sturdy new frame head measures only 6 inches, and the embossed design tank and chain guard really make it a "standout." Add to the stunning appearance of this model all of the finest mechanical details of Schwinn construction.

Model W3MFC

This is your key to health, pleasure and economy- to thrill after thrill in cycling.

1941 schwinn w3mfc

The English type New World Men's Sports Tourist has just the things a he - man or super boy wants Schwinn caliper rim brakes front and rear, seamless drawn steel tubing frame and streamlined enameled chain guard. Zoom away to health and pleasure on this Schwinn lightweight.

Model B507 - 1

Tough as they com in construction but gentle to ride is this popular, moderately price Schwinn - Built model.

1941 schwinn b507

There's graceful sweep in the cantilever type frame. All Schwinn special equipment availble for this model at nominal extra cost. Be sure to see this bike before you buy.

1941 schwinn 16

For Health and Pleasure! Schwinn - Built Bicycles

Dorothy Lamout... "Triple-glamour" (voice, face, figure), one of the brightest stars in fun and exercise on her easy-riding Schwinn-Built Lightweight. When you see Dorothy's name in lights at your theatre you always know you will enjoy the picture.

1941 schwinn 17

Lovely Rita Hayworth... Glamour girl and everybody's favorite and one of the brightest stars of Columbia Pictures finds it lots of fun to get away from the crowds with her only companion her slender steed a New World Schwinn - Built Lightweight.

1941 schwinn 18

Pat O'Brien and his "Team"... You have seen him in many famous pictures, all of them the type of pictures you would like to see twice, but he'll never star in a more attactive picture than this one of the Whole O'Brien family. Meet charming Mrs. Pat and the O'Brien hopefuls. Mavourneen and Sean, "It's a broth of a bike," says Par, "and as easy to ride as my car and much more healthful for all of us".

1941 schwinn 19

Bright Stars of the Films... Penny Singleton and Arthir Lake, with Larry Simms and Daisy the pooch. A whole happy screen family on two Schwinn - Built Bicycles. These lightweight models, by the way, are the smart English type - with Schwinn improvements - that Hollywood prefects. Be sure to see this family of stars on the screen.

1941 schwinn 20

Happy Riding for Virginia Bruce... and her captivating daughter, Susan Ann Gilber. Universal's lovely star declares that bicycling it miles of fun when she can glide away on her Schwinn - Built Lightweight, with Susan Ann pedaling along. When you see Virginia's name on your theatre as the star of a new Universal release, you just know you are in for an evening of pleasure.

1941 schwinn 21

Brenda Joyce, Lovely, Slim Blonde... on her Schwinn - Built Bicycle. Brenda says, "If I made 59 tests of bicycle, it would still be a Schwinn! It helps keep me fit - and it's loads of fun"! You'll enjoy the ever-popular Brenda in her forthcoming Twentieth Century Fox Pictures.

1941 schwinn 22

Per and Pretty Jane Withers... flashes a smile of satisfaction as the relaxes at home, following a day at the 20th Century Fox studios. Jane's popularity grows with the release of each new 20th Century picture. Of her easy-running Schwinn-Built she says it's the pride of her heart and the envy of the lot and it's always ready to go places.

Schwinn Lightweight catalog for this year....

1941 schwinn cover

Popular Priced
Lightweight Bicycles

New World Series

American and English Type
Touring and Racing Models for Men and Ladies

Arnold, Schwinn and Company
1718 N. Kildare Avanue
Chicago, Illinois

Model W1-M

1941 schwinn w1m

Men's Tourist


Frame: Finest American seamless drawn steel tubing.
Fork: Double tapered oval to round seamless drawn steel tubing.
Tires: Schwinn Superior 26 x 1 1/4".
Rims: Schwinn Superior.
Front Hub: New Departure.
Coaster Brake: New Departure, Morrow or Musselman.
Chain: Diamond Roller. 1/8 x 1/2" pitch or 3/16" x 1" pitch.
Crank: 6 1/2" offset.
Pedal Sprocket: 46 tooth 1/2" pitch or 24 tooth 1" pitch.
Pedals: Torrington.
Handlebar: Boy Scout.
Grips: Long, black.
Saddle: Schwinn English type Lightweight, or Mesinger.
Guards: New lightweight gothic style.
Chain Guard: Enameled.
Colors: Standard.

Schwinn-Built Paramount and Superior parts may be subsituted at small additional cost.

Model W1-L

1941 schwinn w1l

Ladies' Tourist


Frame: Finest American seamless drawn steel tubing.
Fork: Double tapered oval to round seamless drawn steel tubing.
Tires: Schwinn Superior 26 x 1 1/4".
Rims: Schwinn Superior.
Front Hub: New Departure.
Coaster Brake: New Departure, Morrow or Musselman.
Chain: Diamond Roller. 1/8 x 1/2" pitch or 3/16" x 1" pitch.
Crank: 6 1/2" offset.
Pedal Sprocket: 46 tooth 1/2" pitch or 24 tooth 1" pitch.
Pedals: Torrington.
Handlebar: Boy Scout.
Grips: Long, black.
Saddle: Schwinn English type Lightweight, or Mesinger.
Guards: New lightweight gothic style.
Chain Guard: Enameled.
Colors: Standard.

Schwinn-Built Paramount and Superior parts may be subsituted at small additional cost.

Arnold, Schwinn and Company
1718 N. Kildare Avanue
Chicago, Illinois

1941 schwinn 1

Lightweight Bicycle

New World series of Popular Priced Lightweight Bicycles

To meet the growing demand for lighter touring and racing bicycles, for Youth Hostel touring, rental service and private use, Arnold, Schwinn and Company is building a complete line of fine popularly priced bicycles in the best tradition and of the most modern continental design.
The very latest in upright frames, frame lines and angles. Oval to roung double tapered continental type forks which are the last world in graceful appearance and strength.
These bicycles will be furnished in attractive colors and the usual standard equipment. Optional equipment at slight additional cost consists of a selection from the very complete line of Schwinn-Built continental parts, affording the purchaser any combination available anywhere.

Read the fine specifications of these extraordinary bicycle values.

Model W1-R

same in every detail except with popular oval shaped five pin type three pieve crank. Write your jobber today for prices and samples.

1941 schwinn w1r




Frame: Finest American seamless drawn steel tubing. Latest approved racing lines.
Wheelbase: 40 1/4". Drop 2 1/2".
Fork: Double tapered oval to round seamless drawn steel tubing.
Tires: U.S. or Gillete Cord Racing.
Rims: Standard one-piece wood racing.
Front Hub: Drop-forged Schwinn Dural.
Rear Hub: Drop-forged Schwinn dural with ficed cog. 7, 8, 9 tooth 1" pitch or 14, 16, or 18 tooth, 1/2"pitch.
Chain: Diamond Roller. 3/16" x 1" pitch or 1/8 x 1/2" pitch.
Crank: One piece 6 1/2" fluted straight crank. Heat treated.
Pedal Sprocket: 24 tooth 1" pitch or 46 tooth 1/2" pitch.
Pedals: Racing.
Handlebar: Lawson or Progressive.
Grips: Racing.
Saddle: Persons or Mesinger racing.
Colors: Standard.

Schwinn-Built Paramount and Superior parts may be subsituted at small additional cost.

Arnold, Schwinn and Company
1718 N. Kildare Avanue
Chicago, Illinois

Model W3MSC

Schwinn Lightweight Bicycles equipped with the 3 speed hub permits the rider to choose the gear ratio best suited to meet road conditions- thus lessening fatigue and adding to the pleasure of cycling. Gear change made while riding by simply operating small lever on top bar.

1941 schwinn w3msc

Men's Tourist

Schwinn Built
New World-3 Speed
English Type
3-Piece Crank set- Caliper Brakes, Front and Rear


Frame: Finest American seamless drawn steel tubing.
Fork: Double tapered oval to round seamless drawn steel tubing.
Tires: Schwinn Superior, 26 x 1 1/4".
Rims: Schwinn Superior.
Front Hub: New Departure.
Rear Hub: Sturmy-Archer three speed, wide range gearing. Operated by lever on top bar.
Chain: Diamond Roller. 1/8 x 1/2" pitch or 3/16" x 1" pitch.
Hanger Set: Popular oval shaped five pin type, three piece.
Crank: 6 1/2" offset.
Pedal Sprocket: 46 tooth 1/2" pitch or 24 tooth 1" pitch.
Pedals: Torrington.
Handlebar: Boy Scout.
Brakes: Caliper front and rear. Operated by levers on handlebar.
Grips: Long, Black.
Saddle: Schwinn English type Lightweight, or Mesinger.
Guards: New Lightweight, Gothic style.
Chain Guard: Enameled.
Colors: Standard.
Cycelock: Available at small additional cost on all Tourist models.

Schwinn-Built Paramount and Superior parts may be subsituted at small additional cost.

Arnold, Schwinn and Company
1718 N. Kildare Avanue
Chicago, Illinois

Model W3LSC

The New World Lightweight with the Sturney-Archer 3 speed hub will be a boon to lady cyclist.

1941 schwinn w3lsc

Ladies' Tourist

Lightweight Bicycles
Ladies' Tourist - 3 Speed
Engligh Type

Sturyny-Archer 3 speed hub.
3 Piece Crank Set.
Caliper Rim Brakes, front and rear.
Other Specifications same as model W1L.
Lightweight- easy running and change of gearing to suit the rider.
Healthful exerciser without fatigue.

Men's Tourist

This brake is very popular on the Tourist models.

1941 schwinn tourist

With Schwinn Rear Expander Brake.

Internal expanding type, operated by lever on the handlebar. Fore-wheel Brake at small additional cost. Specify "Rear Expander Brake" or "Fore-Wheel Brake" when ordering. Schwinn Dural Rear Hub with rim brakes is also popular equipment.

The New World Lightweight bicycles may be built up with any combination of English or American type equipment available anywhere.

Men's Tourist equipped with Schwinn Rear Expander Brake

Arnold, Schwinn and Company
1718 N. Kildare Avanue
Chicago, Illinois

1941 schwinn 2

Schwinn Dural Rear Hub with Free Wheel

These Hubs are of the aluminum alloy type now so popular abroad. They are very light and free running. The shells are made from the finest Schwinn Dural.

The bearings cups are case hardened and polished to produce a perfect ball bearing surface- cones and axles are from the best steels obtainable and the adjustment is fixed and, therefore, not disturbed by wheel removal. Caliper rim brakes or Schwinn Fore-Wheel Brake should be used with this hub.

Sturmy- Archer 3-Speed Hub

Wide range of gearing for touring. Makes hill climbing easy. Operated by lever on top bar. Available on all New World models at small additional cost.

Used in conjunction with two Caliper rim brakes, makes the complete English type Touring or Club Sports bicycles.
On racing models, the close range gearing 3-speed hub is available for road racing.

1941 schwinn 3

Caliper Rim Brake

A positive quick-acting rim brake. Sturdy in construction, easy to adjust. Operated by hand lever on handlebar.
Available for front or rear wheel application on New World Tourist models.

The Schwinn Cycelock

A yale lock built into the steel drop forged front fork crown which locks the fork and front wheel at a slight angle so that the bicycle cannot be ridden or wheeled.
An exclusive Schwinn feature available on New World Tourist models.

1941 schwinn 4

Schwinn Rear Expander Brake- Schwinn Fore-Wheel Brake

An automotive type brake giving velvety smooth braking or instantaneous stop in emergency.
Internal expanding type, aluminum alloy brake shoes, molded Raybestos brake lining, excess braking surfaces area, thumb screw brake adjustment, no wrenches. Chrome plated handlebar hand lever.

Schwinn dust and water proof control cable casing, dust proof hub bearings with grease retainger separate adjusting cone lockbut, bearing adjustment not disturbed by wheel removal.

1941 schwinn 5

Popular oval shaped five-pin type 3-piece crank hanger set

Made of fine steel, carefully and accurately machined. Light running and easily adjusted. In ordering bicycles be sure to designated one-piece crank or three-piece crank as they are not interchangeable. The hanger for the three-piece crank is smaller. (the figure 1 in the model symbol indicated one-piece crank and the figure 3 indicates three-piece crank.)

1941 schwinn 6

Schwinn-Built Paramount and Superior Lightweight Parts and Accessories may be substituted on the New World Models at small additional cost, thus giviing the rider any combination available anywhere.

See Schwinn Lightweight Catalog for full description of these Parts and Accessories.

On Racing Model

Part No.

4233 Paramount Racing Hanger Set Complete with sprocket, less pedals
4232 Superior Racing Hanger Set Complete with sprocket, less pedals
4045 Paramount Racing Hub, Rear
4120 Paramount Racing Hub, Front
4124A Superior Rear Hub with free-wheel. Optional
4264 Schwinn Racing Extension Handlebar Stem, complete
4516 Schwinn Racing Grips
4517 Schwinn Racing Rest Grips
4261 Handlebar, Goullet Racing Type
4127A Schwinn Expander Brake Rear with Free-Wheel
4128 Schwinn Expander Brake Front
4650 Schwinn-Webb Rim Brake Rear
4651 Schwinn-Webb Rim Brake Front
4065 Schwinn Paramount Wood Racing Rim
4500 Brooks Racing Saddle. Narrow
7062 Lightweight Mudguards
Dunlop high pressure lightweight road racing steel rims and Dunlop tires 27 x 1 1/4"
4056 Hutchinson Tubular Tires and Tubes
4097 Pye Road Racing Tires

On Tourist Models

Part No.

4234 Paramount Tourist Hanger Set with Sprocket, less Pedals
4231 Superior Tourist Hander Set with Sprocket, less Pedals
4124A Schwinn Dural Rear Hub with Free-Wheel. Optional
4121 Schwinn Dural Front Hub
2517A Schwinn Double Adjustable Handlebar Stem
2173 Schwinn Gooseneck Handlebar Stem
4575 Schwinn Tourist Pedals
4515 Schwinn Cushion Handlebar Grips
4268 Laurerwasser Handlebar
4262 Schwinn Superior Handlebar
4127 Schwinn Expander Brake Rear, with Free-Wheel
4128 Schwinn Expander BRake Front
4650 Schwinn-Web Rim Brake Rear
4651 Schwinn-Web Rim Brake Front

Dunlop high pressure, lightweight steel rims and Dunlop high pressure tires 26 x 1 1/4"

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