1966 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1966 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1966.

1966 schwinn catalog 1 1966 schwinn catalog 4

A disneyland visit is a never-to-be-forgotten adventure for the young and the young-at-heart of all ages. A variety of fun and delight awaits the Disneyland guest in the magic kingdom which has brought pleasure to more than fifty million people from all over the world.

1966 schwinn catalog Disneyland 2

Disneyland's many attractions and adventures are devided into five ares; Main Street, U.S.A. a recreation 1890-vintage througfore; Adventureland, where guests explore yet-to-be-lamed wilderness areas of the world; Frontierland,where the sogo of a young. America moving West is brought to life; Fantsyland, the happiest kingdom of them all, and Tomorrowland, where the future becames reality today.

All of these lands, and the many features within them are designed to make your visit to Disneyland a happy and memorable experience.

Beyond Disneyland's most famous landmark, the sleeping Beauty Castle, lies the realm of make-believe; Fantasyland.

For the young in heart, the sheer fun and healthy glow of cycling is a thrill to be enjoyed over and over again. Make it as mild or as vigorous as you wish; as oftern or as long as you like; alone or in the company of others..... but no matter how, when, or where, you'll have the time of your life on stylish new bike.

Bikes have changed! Every year, new designs, new improvements make bicycles easier to pedal, and easier to ride with a sophistication all their own. Much of th efun of riding and keeping fit on a bike comes from choosing the right sixe and having it properly fitted to the rider.

The real bike expert in your community is your nearby Schwinn franchised cyclery dealer. He is ready to show you the new Schwinn bikes and open a new world of cycling enjoyment to you. There are more than 50 models of new Schwinn bikes to choose from.

Copyright, 1966, Arnold, Schwinn and Co. Chicago, Illinois, All right reserved.

Schwinn Paramount

The finest in professional bicycles

1966 schwinn catalog Disneyland 3

Known throughout the world as the "Choice of Champions," Precision-built, designed, and hand-crafted for experienced cyclists who demand the very best!

Schwinn Paramount Road Racer

Crisply styled sports ad road racing bicycle.

1966 schwinn paramount deluxe road racer paramount road racer

P12 Paramount Road Racer
Double butted alloy tubing, quick-release hubs, toe clips and straps, 10-speed derailleur, 55 to 100 gear, racing saddle. 27" X 1 1/4" high pressure road racing tires....$175.00

Schwinn Paramount Deluxe Road Racer

P13 Paramount Deluxe Road Racer
Schwinn's Finest road-racing and sports bicycle. Double buttered alloy tubing, quick-release hubs, special chrome trim, 10-speed derailleur, 55 to 100 gear......$226.00

Whether it's the "Nationals" or the U.S. Olympic trials, you're sure to find the leaders riding Schwinn Paramount bikes... there is nothing finer. Fine steel alloys, light in weight but extra strong, are used in the hand-built frames. Every component is carefully chosen for quality, craftsmanship, and performance. The Schwinn Paramount is the ultimate in bicycles, famous throughout the world in road and track racing competition.

Schwinn Paramount Truck Bike

The choice of champions in professional and amateur competition events.

1966 schwinn paramount trock bike

P14 Paramount Trock Bike
Double butted alloy tubing, high flange track hubs, toe clips and straps, tubular sew-up tires. Short, rigid, upright frame design.....$175.00

Schwinn Paramount Tourist

P11 Paramount tourist
The smartest touring style bike on the market. Double butted alloy tubing, fenders, quick-release hubs, 10-speed derailleur, 55 to 100 gear.....$175.00 (Not Illustrated).

Paramount models are available in all Schwinn colors. Write for full information and detailed specification sheet. Made-to-measure frames are available at extra cost.

All bicycle prices shown are fair trade prices in states where Fair Trade laws apply. In other states, they are suggested prices. Accessory prices are suggested prices. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

1966 schwinn 6

Gears that go!
Put more fun, more pep, and less fatigue in bike riding- and let gears do the work! New style Schwinn bikes offer a wide variety of hubs, brakes, and gears to suit every rider and all riding conditions. But in any terrain , flat or hilly, gears are the modern way to go - and so easy!

1966 schwinn derailleur gears

Derailluer Gears

A wonderfull experience waits you if you've never ridden a bike with derailleur gears! It's the most fun anyone can experience on a bike!

Fast, Yes....... but that's not all! Bike racers may reach speeds over forty miles per hour on derailleur bikes, but most people ride to derailleurs for another reason- to save work and add pep to their cycling. 5-speed or 10-speed derailleur gears offer you full range of gear ratios so that each rider can "fine tune" to fit his ability to road and wind conditions, save hs energy, and cover more miles in less time with less effort.

Schwinn derailleur bikes have five sprockets of different sizes on the rear hub. A 5-speed model has one front sprocket and a 10-speed model has two front sprockets. A shifting mechanism derails the chaine from one sprocket to another thus changing gears. Hand brakes are used on all derailleur models.

3-Speed Hubs

1966 schwinn 3-speed hubs

Just a flick of the finger on the handlebar control shifts fron one gear to another. The 3-speed hub has a built-in low, a normal, and a high gear. The low gear is for riding into the wind or climbing hills. The normal gear is used for ordinary riding conditions. The high gear is for riding downhill or with the wind at your back. In high gear, the bike travels further with every revolution of the pedals.

Regular Schwinn 3-speed models are equipped with front and rear caliper brakes. The TCW 3-speed hub has the same gearing plus a built-in coaster brake. TCW models are als equipped with front caliper brake.

2-Speed Hubs

1966 schwinn 2-speed hubs

Schwinn uses two kinds of automatic 2-speed hubs. The regular 2-speed hub has a low gear for climbing hills and riding into the wind and a normal gear. The over drive 2-speed gear and is used on Schwinn Sting-Ray models.

1966 schwinn coaster brake

Coaster Brake

Simple and easy...just stop pedaling and you coast. Back-pedal to apply the brake. First choice for the young rider; standard equipment on most bike. 1966 schwinn dr hubs

Ride a bike For better Health!

  • Dr. Paul Dudley White, noted American heart specialist, explains the benefits of cycling: "We ought to replace the automobile with bicycles... it would be better for our coronaries, our disposition, nd certainly our finances."
  • ....Dr. Irvine H. Page, president, American Heart Association. "I think the bicycle is onr of the great unappreciated vehicles for good, whole some exercise that can be continued to a considerable age."
  • ...Dr.W.W Bover, director ameritus bureau of Health Education, American Medical Association, "America's children should ride their bikes more"
  • ...Former President Dwight D. Eisenhowet... "Experience has thought me that regular exercise, proper diet, and adequate rest and relaxation are essential to good health."

....President Lyndon B Johnson.

  • "There are four reasons I give for vigorous use of the leg muscles- not simply the arm muscles-and the first is physiological. We as bipeds need something to help us leep the blood circulating up from the lower part of our body.
  • "The leg muscles are very importnt. When they contract, they squeeze the veins (which have valves) and actually pump the blood up toward the heart. This allows the heart to receive more blood with which to supply the brain.
  • "This is physiological and, therefore, we have proof that it isn't simply the heart that is the only pump. The leg muscles are pumps and the diaphragm is a suction pump. So, by keeping fit, we help the heart in tis action.
  • "Psycholgically, too, exercise such as cycling- it could be walking or swimming but cycling is an especially favorable type of exercise- has a very good effect on the brain, on the mental state, and on the psyche. It's the best antidote - this kind of muscular exercise- for stress and mental fatigue. Instead f transquilizers, I advise muscular action- even to the point of fatigue, so that you won't need medicine to tranquilize you.
  • "We have a great problem today- and have had right along because we no longer use our legs properly- of being subject to thrombosis; that is blood clothing in our leg veins. These blood clots can form and get established where there is too much stasis0 sluggish circulation. This is a hazard- a great hazard- to life beacuse blood clots can go from our leg veins to our lungs and kill us.
  • "The fourth reason- and perhaps the most important of all- is that there is clear evidence now that vigorous use of our muscles helps delay the onset of arteriosclerosis which is the modern epidemic in this country today.
  • "These are the four reasons I give for vigorous use of the leg muscles such as that performed best perfaps on bicycles."

....From the Schwinn motion picture, "Magic of the Bicycle."


  • (1) Cyling in the School Fitness Program, published by the American Association for health, Physical Education, and recreation, a department of the National Education association, 1963.
  • (2) VIM and VIGOR, prepared by the President's Council on Physical Fitness, 1964.

Schwinn Super Sport

Thrilling performance in a top quality sports bike.

1966 Mens Lightweight 1966 Schwinn continental super sport

Hand-Brazed chrome moly frame! Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, quick release hubs, center brakes, rat-trap pedals and toe clips. Schwinn Puff high pressure road racer 27" x 1 1/4 tires. Radiant Coppertone, Sky blue, Violet.

  • 822 Super Sport, 22" frame....$96.50
  • 824 Super Sport, 24" frame....$96.50

Schwinn Continental

Designed for high performance. Excellent quality sports equipment on Schwinn's diamond type steel frame. Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, quick-release hubs, center-pull caliper brakes, leather racing saddle, Schwinn Puff high pressure road racer 27" x 1 1/4 tires. Radiant Coppertone, Sky Blue, Violet.

  • 321 Continental Sports, 21" frame...$81.95
  • 323 Continental Sports, 23" frame...$81.95

Sports Bikes...Try the ride that changed Cycling!

Drop bars, or racing handlebars as ther are often called, make an astonishing difference in riding efficiency, adding power, speed, and endurance most people don't know they possess. This is the thrilling experience that has led to the great popularity of sports bikes and much of the public's renewed interest in cycling for exercise and recreation.

Drop bars allow the body to lean forward at about 45 degrees when the hands are on the upper part of the bar in cruising position. This crouch position cuts down wond resistance and increases the rider's leverage, adding power to fo further faster.

Schwinn Varsity sport

The popular Schwinn Varsity 10-speed sports bicycle equipped for all-weather riding.

1966 Schwinn varsity sport

with fenders 10-speed
All specifications same as Schwinn Varsity Sport, but with fenders, Radiant Coppertone, Sky blue, Violet.

  • 219 Varsity Sport, 19" frame....$74.95
  • 221 Varsity Sport, 21" frame....$74.95
  • 223 Varsity Sport, 23" frame....$74.95

Schwinn varsity Sport

First choice of value minded sports cyclists. Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, caliper brakes, hooded brake levers, Srint racing style saddle, sport pedals, 27" x 1 1/4 sports touring tires. Radiant Coppertone, sky blue, violet.

  • 119 Varsity Sport, 19" frame....$69.95
  • 121 Varsity Sport, 21" frame....$69.95
  • 123 Varsity Sport, 23" frame....$69.95

Try this Test for Yourself...

Demonstrate the extra power you can get by riding in the crouch position with drop handlebars. Sit erect in a straight chair with both feet flat on the floor in front of you in normal position. Press down and notice the limited amount of force you exert. Now lean forward and move your feet back under your body.

Now you can lift yourself out of the chair with the increased leverage. This same principle greatly increases your pedal power when you ride with drop bars in the crouch position used by all professional riders. Once you master it, you'll never ride in any other way.

Schwinn Varsity Tourist

Smooth-riding touring lightweight with Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, comfortable mattress saddle, chrome plated fenders, front and rear caliper brakes, touring handlebars, 27" x 1 1/4 nylon sports touring tires.

1966 Schwinn varsity tourist and traveler

Radiant coppertone, sky blue, violet.

  • 919 Varsity Tourist, 19" frame....$69.95
  • 921 Varsity Tourist, 21" frame....$69.95
  • 923 Varsity Tourist, 23" frame....$69.95

Schwinn Traveler

Men's 3-speed lightweight model with deluxe features, including front and rear caliper brakes, stainless steel fenders, cushioned mattress saddle,, generator-powered headlight and tailight, 26" x 1 3/8 nylon whitewall tires, and roomy saddlebag. Black, Radiant coppertone, violet.

  • W11-4 Traveler, 19" frame....$69.95
  • W12-4 Traveler, 21" frame....$69.95

Schwinn Collegiate

Lightweight touring model with 5-speed gears at a budget price.

1966 Schwinn collegiate

Sprint derailleur, 43 to 85 gear, front and rear caliper brakes, touring handlebars, 26" x 1 3/8 nylon sports touring tires. Radiant coppertone, sky blue, violet.

  • 719 Collegiate, 19" frame....$59.95
  • 721 Collegiate, 21" frame....$59.95
  • 721 Collegiate, 23" frame....$59.95

Schwinn Racer

Lightweight touring model at low budget price, Schwinn diamond type frame, Schwinn tubular rims, 26" x 1 3/8 nylon cord sports touring tires, lightweight foam-cushioned saddle.

1966 Schwinn speedster racer

2-speed, 3-speed or coaster brake
Handbrakes on 3-speed model only. Black, Radiant sky blue, flamboyant red.

  • K11 Racer, 19" frame...coaster $43.95...2 or 3-speed $51.95
  • K12 Racer, 21" frame...coaster $43.95...2 or 3-speed $51.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Racer.

Schwinn Speedster

Coaster,2 or 3-speed, TCW 3-speed caster lightweight touring model with specially designed frame for a lower saddle position. FUll length chainguard, foam-cushioned saddle. 26" x 1 3/8 nylon sports touring tires. Hand brakes on 3-speed, front handbrake on TCW. Black, radiant sky blue, flamboyant red.

  • S10 Speedster, coaster brake..........$43.95
  • S10 Speedster, automatic 2-speed......$51.95
  • S10 Speedster, automatic 3-speed......$51.95
  • S10 Speedster, TCW 3-speed coaster....$55.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Speedster.

Schwinn Deluxe Racer

A handsome lightweight touring model, equipped with chrome plated fenders. foam cushioned saddle, 26" x 1 3/4 nylon sports touring tires.

1966 Schwinn deluxe racer

2 speed, 3 speed or coaster brake
Handbrakes on 3-speed model only. Radiant Coppertone, sky blue, black.

  • D11 Deluxe racer 19" frame...coaster $48.95.....2-3 speed $ 56.95
  • D12 Deluxe racer 21" frame...coaster $48.95.....2-3 speed $ 56.95
  • D13 Deluxe racer 23" frame......................2-3 speed $56.95
1966 Schwinn girls lightweight

Here's a new elegance in Schwinn's lighweight styles for girls, with a new frame design that's so easy to step through, because the top bar is lower-and so handasome, tool fashion-right for sports or touring.

Schwinn Ladies Super Sport

Luxury in lightweight bicycle with hand-brazed chrome molybdenum steel frame.

1966 Schwinn super sports and varsity tourist

Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, center-pull caliper brakes, 27" x 1 1/4" Schwinn Puff high pressure road and racer tires. Radiant Sky blue violet.

  • B69 Ladies Super Sport, 19" frame.....$96.50
  • B72 Ladies Super Sport, 22" frame.....$96.50

Schwinn Ladies' Varsity TOurist

High performance in a smartly styled tourist model, Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, chrome plated fenders, front and rear caliper brakes, comfortable mattress saddle, 27" x 1 1/4" nylon cord sports touring tires. Radiant Coppertone, SKy blue, Violet.

  • 169 Varsity Tourist. 19" frame....$69.95

Schwinn Ladies Traveler

Beautiful deluxe equipped lightweight with generator-powered headlight and tailight, stainles steel fenders, front and rear caliper brakes, roomy saddlebag, 26" x 1 3/8 nylon cord whitewall sports touring tires.

1966 Schwinn traveler and collegiate

Radiant Coppertone, sky blue, violet.

  • W61-4 Ladies Traveler....$69.95

Schwinn Ladies Collegiate

Easy to pedal! Easy to ride! Sprint derailleur, 43 to 85 gear, front and rear caliper brakes, chrome plated fenders, full-length chainguard, foam-cushioned saddle,, 26" x 1 3/8 nylon cord sports touring tires. Radiant COppertone, Sky Blue, Violet.

  • 769 Ladies Collegiate....$56.95

Schwinn Breeze

Ladies' lightweight touring model at a budget price.

1966 Schwinn breeze and deluxe breeze

2-speed, 3-speed or coaster brake
Schwinn quality throughout, including Schwinn tubular rims, tourist style handlebars and saddle, 4-coat bakes-on finish. Handbrakes on 3-speed model only. Black, radiant sky blue, flamboyant red.

  • K61-6 Breeze, Breeze coaster brake......$43.95
  • K61-2 Breeze, Breeze Automatic 2-spee...$51.95
  • K61-4 Breeze, Breeze 3-speed............$51.95
  • K61-8 Breeze, Breeze 3-speed coaster ...$55.95

Schwinn Deluxe Breeze

2-speed, 3-speed or coaster brake
Attractive styling in a smooth-riding lightweight at a modest price. CHrome plated fenders, deluxe padded mattress, saddle, full length chainguard, 26" x 1 3/8 nylon cord sports touring tires. Handbrakes on 3-speed model only. Radiant Coppertone, sky blue, violet.

  • D61-6 Deluxe Breeze, coaster brake........$48.95
  • D61-2 Deluxe Breeze, automatic 2-speed....$56.95
  • D61-4 Deluxe Breeze, 3-speed..............$56.95
1966 Schwinn features

Before you buy... compare these Schwinn Quality features

1966 Schwinn features 2
  • Tubular Rims- Schwinn's specially designed double thickness rims- stronger by far then ordinary rims.
  • Dur-a-roll Bearings- smoother, harder, easier rolling. Scientifically heat-treated to last longer.
  • Frame Construction- No other bicycle frame is made like a Schwinn- with special head, hanger and fork-end design and special welding and aligning processes that make Schwinn bicycles the strongest, truest- running, and longest-lasting ever made.
  • Built-in-Kickstand - An integral part of the frame. Stronger, rattleproof, and trouble-free for lasting satisfaction.
  • Semi-Tubular Fender Braces- Heavy-duty construction for greater strength and better support.
  • 4-coat Finish- The finest, most lustrous, and longest lasting bakes-on colors that stay on.

Schwinn Bikes are best!

1966 Schwinn 71 years

Guaranteed... 71 years of leadership

For three generations, Schwinn has specialized in designing and building fine quaity bicycles, using the finest materials and latest precision manufacturing methods. This tradition of fine quality, backed by factory service- trained Schwinn franchised dealers, makes the Schwinn guarantee possible- your assurance of lasting satisfaction.

The Schwinn Guarantee

Schwinn bicycles are guaranteed against all defects in matereial and workmanship- no time limit. Schinn will replace- without charge- any original part that is determinded by the factory to be defective under the terms of this guarantee. Failure due to accident, abuse, neglect, improper assembly or maintenance, normal wear or use f other than Genuine Schwinn Parts is not covered.

Transportation costs and dealer's labor chargees are nt covered by this guarantee. Replacement of defective parts shall be the sole remedy of any purchaser under the Schwinn Guarantee, adn in no event shall Schwinn be liable on any implied warranty f merchantability or fitness, or for special or consequential damages.

See your Schwinn Dealer for service under the Schwinn Guarantee, or write for assistance to: CUstomer Service Department, Arnold, Schwinn and Co. 1856 N. Kastner, Chicago.

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1966 Schwinn 7

Schwinn Twinn

Cycling is fun, but it's double fun on a tandem!

1966 Schwinn twinn and deluxe twinn

The lower front bar makes it easier to get on and off, Schwinn construction makes tandem riding a breeze. Caliper hand brake in front, rear coaster brakes for sure stops. Radiant sky blue, violet.

  • T11-6 Twinn coaster brake....$99.50
  • T11-2 Twinn 2-speed..........$107.50

Schwinn Deluxe Twinn

The 5-speed Sprint derailleur adds more thrills to every exciting tandem ride. Easier to ride, uphill or downhill. Front caliper and rear expander brakes. 26" x 1 3/4" superior narrow whitewall tires. Radiant sky blue, violet.

  • T12 Deluxe Twinn....$119.50

Schwinn Fastback Sting-Ray

Newest lightweight sports model for adults and teen-agers, designed by Schwinn.

1966 Schwinn fastback

What a ride! Here's the winning combination of lightweight. Speed and handling ease with Sting-Ray maneuver ability! You have to try it to believe it! The 5-speed gears make long trips and a breeze! Smart looking, too- another style leader by Schwinn.

Handlebar and saddle fully adjustable for the tallest rider, chrome plated fenders, front and rear caliper brakes, 20" x 1 2/3 nylon cor sports touring tires. Radiant Coppertone, Sky blue, violet, black.

  • H36 Sting-ray Fastback....$69.95
1966 Schwinn  9

New! 5-speed Stick shift. Works like sports car shift lever.

New! Sweeping Sting-Ray "fastback" handlebars for more comfort plus style.

New! 5-speer Sprint Derailleur 37 to 74 gear, to fast take-offs, car cruising on tan trips.

Schwinn Super Deluxe Sting-Ray

Just wait till you try the floating, super-cushioned ride!

1966 Schwinn super deluxe stingray and deluxe stingray

2-speed overdrive or coaster brake
Chrome plated spring fork absorbs shocks and smooths out the ride. Tufted Silver Glow saddle, chrome plated fenders, nylon whitewall studded rear tire, whitewall front tire. Radiant Coppertone, Sky blue, violet.

  • J37-6 Super Deluxe Sting-Ray, coaster brake..........$68.95
  • J37-1 Super Deluxe Sting-Ray, 2-speed overdrive......$76.95

Schwinn Deluxe Sting-Ray

2-speed, 3-speed or coaster brake
Extra fun with deluxe equipment. Tufted Silver Glow saddle, chrome plated fenders, nylon whitewall studded rear tire, whitewall front tire, Radiant coppertone, sky blue, violet.

  • J39 Deluxe Sting-Ray, coaster brake..........$58.95
  • J39 Deluxe Sting-Ray, 3-speed................$68.95
  • J39 Deluxe Sting-Ray, 2-speed overdrive......$68.95

Schwinn Sting-Ray

The original Sting-Ray- the bike that set the style! Sting-Ray handlebars, Silver Glow saddle with chrome brace rods, SLIK rear tire.

1966 Schwinn  stingray
1966 Schwinn  10

2-speed, 3-speed or coaster brake
Radiant coppertone, sky blue, violet.

  • J38-6 Sting-Ray, coaster brake..........$51.95
  • J38-4 Sting-Ray, 3-speed................$61.95
  • J38-1 Sting-Ray, 2-speed overdrive......$61.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Sting-Ray.

Schwinn Slik Chik

A quarter of cyclists pause in front of the Tomorrowland Jets to view the world of the future- Disneyland style.

1966 Schwinn  slikchik and fairlady

2-speed or coaster brake
The exciting Sting-Ray for girls! With flower trimmed wicker basket, Silver Glow saddle, chrome plated fenders, standard whitewall front tire, whitewall slik tire in rear. Radiant Coppertone, skyblue, violet.

  • J90-6 Slik Chick, coaster brake......$59.95
  • J90-1 Slik Chick, 2-speed overdrive..$67.95

Schwinn Fair Lady

coaster brake
The original Sting-Ray Design for girls. Perfect for mother or daughter. FLower-trimmed wicker basket, chrome plated full-length fenders, Silver Glow saddle. Radiant sky blue, violet, white with rose.

  • J89-6 Fair Lady, coaster brake....$51.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Fair Lady.

Schwinn Junior Sting-Ray

A sportly juvenile model designed in the Sting-Ray stlye for boys 5 to 7, short-rise handlebars, polo type saddle chrome plated fenders.

1966 Schwinn junior stingray ang lil chik

coaster brake
Radiant Coppertone, sky blue.

  • J31-6 Junior Sting-Ray coaster brake....$41.95

Schwinn Lil' Chik

coaster brake
An elegant new model with the Sting-Ray look for girls 5 to 7. Short-rise handlebars, polo type saddle, chrome plated fenders. Radiant Sky blue, violet.

  • J81-6 Lil' Chik, coaster brake....$41.95

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Schwinn Panther

Schwinn's finest middleweight. Fully equipped with chrome plated front and rear carrier, tank with built-in horn, headlight, two-tone saddle.

1966 Schwinn panther

Schwinn Full size middle-weight For boys

2-speed or coaster brake
Superior narrow whitewall nylon cord tires. Radiant coppertone black.

  • B17-6 26" Panther, coaster brake.......$59.95
  • B17-2 26" Panther, automatic 2-speed...$67.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Panther.

Deluxe Typhoon

Smooth-rolling, easy riding, beautifully styled middleweight with two-tone saddle, chrome plated front carrier, forged steel fork, 26" x 1 3/4 nylon cord tires.

1966 Schwinn deluxe typhoon

2-speed, 3-speed or coaster
Handbrakes on 3-speed model only flamboyant red, radiant sky blue, black.

  • L15-6 26" Deluxe Typhoon, coaster brake........$46.95
  • L15-4 26" Deluxe Typhoon, 3--speed.............$54.95
  • L15-2 26" Deluxe Typhoon, automatic 2-speed....$54.95

Schwinn Typhoon

Schwinn quality at a budget price.

1966 Schwinn typhoon

2-speed or coaster brake
Sturdy cantilever frame, forged steel fork, chrome plated tubular rims, built-in kickstand, 4-coat baked-on finish, 26" x 1 3/4 nylon cord tires. Flamboyant red. black

  • L12-6 26" Typhoon, coaster brake.......$42.95
  • L12-2 26" Typhoon, Automatic 2-speed...$50.95

Schwinn Tiger

Finest quality unequipped middleweight with forged steel fork, chrome plated fenders, chrome plated tubular rims, 4-coat baked-on finish, Superior whitewall nylon cord tires.

1966 Schwinn tiger and fleet

2-speed, 3-speed or coaster brake
Flamboyant red, radiant coppertone, black.

  • B16-6 26" Tiger, coaster brake.......$49.95
  • B16-4 26" Tiger, 3-speed.............$57.95
  • B16-2 26" Tiger, automatic 2-speed...$57.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Tiger.

Schwinn Fleet

coaster brake
Outstanding value in a fully equipped bike headlight, tank with built-in horn, two-tone saddle, chrome plated rear carrier. Chrome plated tubular rims, 4-coat baked on finish . Flamboyant red, black.

  • L10-6 26" Fleet, coaster brake....$52.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Fleet.

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Schwinn Deluxe Hollywood

Full Size Schwinn middleweight bikes for Girls

1966 Schwinn deluxe hollywood

Coaster Brake
Fashionably styled middleweight with two-tone, spring-cushioned saddle, forged steel fork, chrome plated front carrier, 26" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires. Flamboyant red radiant sky blue, white with rose.

  • L65-6 26" Deluxe Typhoon, coaster brake....$46.95

Schwinn Hollywood

An outstanding value in a beautiful Schwinn middleweight bicycle.

1966 Schwinn hollywood

2-speed or coaster brake
High quality construction through-out. Forged steel fork, chrome plated tubular rims, built-in kickstand, 4-coat baked on finish, 26" x 1 3/4 nylon cord tires. Radiant sky blue, white with rose.

  • L62-6 26" Hollywood, coaster brake........$42.95
  • L62-2 26" Hollywood, automatic 2-speed....$50.95

Schwinn Fiesta

Budget priced middleweight equipped with fender-mounted headlight, chrome plated rear carrier, streamlined tank with built-in horn, Built-in kickstand, 26" x 1 1/4" nylon tires.

1966 Schwinn starlet, miss teen and fiesta

Coaster brake
Radiant sky blue, white with rose.

  • L60-6 26" Fiesta, coaster brake...$52.95

Schwinn Starlet III

Coaster brake
Stylish and new-fully equipped middleweight model for girls. Chrome plated front and rear carriers, handlebar-mounted headlight, slim tank with built-in horn, Schwinn superior nylon whitewall tires. Radiant skyblue, violet.

  • B67-6 26" Starlet III, coaster brake....$59.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Starlet III.

Schwinn Miss Teen

2-speed or coaster brake
Beautifully styled, unequipped middleweight model for girls. Two-toned, cushioned saddle, chrome plated fenders, forged steel fork chrome plated tubular rims, 4-coat baked on finish, 26" x 1 1/4". Schwinn Superior nylon whitewall tires. Radiant sky blue violet, white with rose.

  • B66-6 26" Miss Teen, coaster brake........$49.95
  • B66-2 26" Miss Teen, automatic 2 speed....$57.95

Schwinn Fleet

Handsome tank-equipped middleweight bike at a modest price.

1966 Schwinn fleet and deluxe typhoon

coaster brake
Fender-mounted headlight, streamlined tank with built-in horn, chrome plated rear carrier, nylon cord tires. Flamboyant red, black.

  • L20-6 24" Fleet, coaster brake .....$49.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Fleet.

Schwinn Deluxe Typhoon

coaster brake
Smooth, easy-riding, easy-pedaling middleweight with two-tone, spring-cushioned, built-in kick stand, nylon cord tires. Built to last! Flamboyant red, black.

  • L25-6 24" Deluxe Typhoon, coaster brake .....$44.95

Schwinn Typhoon

Coaster Brake
An outstanding value for a thirty budget. Extra strong cantilever frame, forged steel fork, chrome plated tubular rims, built-in kick-stand, 4-coat baked-on finish, 24" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires. Flamboyant red, black.

  • L22-6 24" Typhoon, coaster brake...$41.95

Schwinn Speedster

You'll be a standout on a Schwinn Speedster.

1966 schwinn typhoon and speedster

3-speed or coaster brake
It's so easy to ride. Specially designed lightweight model with curved top bar that shorteins distance from saddle to pedals. 24" x 1 3/8 nylon cord tires. Handbrakes on 3-speed model only. Flamboyant red, radiant sky blue, black.

  • S20-6 24" Speedster, coaster brake.....$43.95
  • S20-4 24" Speedster, 3-speed...........$51.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Speedster.

Schwinn Fiesta

Monstro seems to be reminding this happy foursome that Storybook land, like all of the magic kingdom's adventure, is a whole of a lot of fun.

1966 Schwinn junior bikes for girls 1966 Schwinn fiesta and hollywood

coaster brake
Smartly styled middleweight with deluxe equipment. Chrome plated rear carrier, fender-mounted headlight, slim-line tank with built-in horn, nylon cord tires. Radiant Sky blue, white with rose.

  • L70-6 24" Fiesta, coaster brake.....$49.95

Schwinn Deluxe Hollywood

coaster brake
Smooth-riding combination of schwinn quality and smart styling. Two-tone spring cushioned saddle, forged steel fork, chrome plated front carrier, nylon cord tires. Radiant sky blue, white with rose.

  • L75-6 24" Deluxe Hollywood, coaster brake.....$44.95

Schwinn Hollywood

An outstanding value in a serviceable bike at budget price.

1966 Schwinn hollywood and breeze

coaster Brake
Easy-riding and long-lasting Schwinn quality construction features. Sturdy schwinn frame, Schwinn tubular rims, two tone saddle. Radiant sky blue, white with rose.

  • L72-6 24" Hollywood, coaster brake.....$41.95

Schwinn Breeze

3-speed or coaster brake
Girl's lighweight model at a low budget price. Tourist style handlebars and saddle 24" x 1 3/8" nylon sports touring tires. Handbrakes on 3-speed model only. Radiant sky blue, flamboyant red, black.

  • K71-6 24" Breeze, coaster brake.......$43.95
  • K71-4 24" Breeze, 3-speed.............$51.95

Schwinn Fleet

Fully equipped middleweight at a budget price.

1966 Schwinn bikes for girls and  boys 1966 Schwinn bikes for girls and  boys 2 1966 Schwinn fleet, typhoon and speedster

Fender mounted healight, streamlined tank, chrome plated tubular rims, built-in kickstand. Flamboyant red,black.

  • L30-6 20" Fleet, coaster brake....$41.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Fleet.

Schwinn Typhoon

An outstanding Schwinn middleweight at low budget price sturdy cantilever frame, forged steel fork, chrome plated tubular rims, built-in kickstand, 4-coat baked-on finish, nylon cord tires. Flamboyant red, black.

  • L32-6 20" Typhoon, coaster brake... $39.95

Schwinn Speedster

Easy-rolling lightweight style bike for the younger rider. Curved top bar shortens distance from saddle to pedals. Forged steel fork, chrome plated tubular rims, 20" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires. Flamboyant red, radiant sky blue, black.

  • S30-6 20" Speedster, coaster brake... $39.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Speedster.

Schwinn Breeze

Easy to pedal lightweight at a budget price.

1966 Schwinn breeze, hollywood and fiesta

Chrome plated tubular rims, built-in kickstand, 4-coat baked on finish, 20" x 1 3/8" nylon cord tires. Radiant sky blue, flamboyant red.

  • K81-6 20" Breeze, coaster brake... $39.95

Schwinn Hollywood

Sturdy, beautifully styled bike at a budget price. Complete with chrome plated tubular rims, built-in kickstand, 4-coat baked-on finish, nylon cord tires. Radiant sky blue, white with rose.

  • L82-6 20" Hollywood, coaster brake... $39.95

Schwinn Fiesta

Smart styling in a fully equipped model. Slim-line tank fender-mounted headlight. Chrome plated tubular rims. 4-coat baked-on finish, nylon cord tires. Radiant sky blue, white with rose.

  • L82-6 20" Hollywood, coaster brake... $41.95

Schwinn Bantam

Built to last juvenile bike, complete with sturdy new training wheels.

1966 Schwinn bantam and pixie

(for boys and girls 5 to 7)
Two-tone saddle, nylon cord tires. Top bar removes easily to convert from a boy's bike to a girl's model. Flamboyant red, radiant sky blue.

  • J35-6 20" Bantam, coaster brake.....$42.95

Schwinn Pixie

(for boys and girls 3 to 5)
The ideal first bike that's built to last . Juvenile high rise handlebars and two-tone saddle, sturdy new training wheels, semi-pneumatic tires. Top bar removes easily to convert from a boy's bike to a girl's model. Flamboyant red, violet.

  • J42-6 16" Pixie, coaster brake....... $31.95

Schwinn Candy

An excellent combination of beautiful styling and Schwinn quality construction.

1966 Schwinn candy and buddy

(for girls 5 to 7)
Compact frame size with strength of big bike. Two tone saddle, chrome plated tubular rims, semi pneumatic tires. Radiant sky blue only.

  • J84-6 20" Candy, coaster brake. $36.95

Schwinn Buddy

(for boys 5 to 7)
Big bike design for the growing boy- budget priced. Two tone saddle, Schwinn semi-pneumatic tires, chrome plated tubular rims, sturdy cantilever frame. Flamboyant red only.

  • J34-6 20" Buddy, coaster brake. $36.95

Schwinn Heavy-Duty

The ideal choice for quick, effecient, low-cost delivery service... designed for long-lasting wear.

1966 Schwinn heavy duty and cycle truck

Special Bicycles designed to do the heavy work
Schwinn Delivery Bikes

Fine for paper routes or commercial use. Reinforced frame for heavy-duty work. Heavy-Duty front hub, 105 gauge spokes, saddle, Tractor tires, and forged steel handlebar stem. Flamboyant red, black.

  • M15-6 26" Heavy duty, coaster brake....$59.95

Schwinn Cycle Truck

Special design for delivery service. Heavy-duty reinforced frame, special wheels with 120 gauge spokes, heavy-duty balloon tires. Metal panel for sign. Choice of large or small basket. Flamboyant red only.

  • CT1-6 Cycle Truck, 24" x 16" x 11" basket.....$99.50
  • CT2-6 Cycle Truck, 28" x 22" x 11" basket.....$104.50

See the complete history of the Schwinn Cycle-Truck.

1966 Schwinn disneyland


Located at the junction of the Santa Ana Freeway and Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim, California, 27 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, Disneylan is so desigend that guests can enjoy a complete visit wheter they have two or three hous, or a full day or two. Most visitor stay five hours or more to enjoy the wide variety of entertainment and fun at Disneyland. With Southern California's mild year round climate, any time is a good time to visit Disneyland.

Although most of the photographs in this booklet were taken ate Disneyland, bicycles are not permitted in the Part at any time.

1966 Schwinn quality

One Stop shopping for Cyclists
YOur sign of quality For Bikes, Accessories parts, and service.

Schwinn Franchised dealers are the leading specialists in bicycle sales and service, frome coast to coast and in Alaska and Hawaii. They have the most complete selections of better wuality bicycles and bicycle specialty merchandise, at competitive prices and bockes by factory-trained service.

Every Schwinn franchised Dealer is serviced from the factory through nearby Schwinn Distributors and salesman who are also specialists in bicycles and in bicycle service to Schwinn owners. Your Schwinn Franchised Dealer will be glad to help you select the right bike for your particular needs. He will see that it is properly assembled, adjusted, and serviced before it leaves his store. He will explain its proper use and care, and provide dependable service when you need it.

Quality in merchandise, backed by quality in service, is your best assurance of value and lasting satisfaction. Before you buy any bicycle, see your local Schwinn Franchised Dealer. He's listed in yellow pages - at your service!

Save -schwinn quality costs less in the long Run!

1966 Schwinn saddles

New Exciting

Schwinn Sting-Ray Saddles

  • Genuine Sting-Ray saddles with padded plastic seats and struts to fit all high rise style bicycles. Available in glitter colors of red, green, blue, silver, gold, charcoal; white and black......$8.50 to $11.50
1966 Schwinn accessories

Schwinn Junior Sting-Ray Handlebar

  • Chrome plates, strong 16 gauge steel tubing. Fits all 20" and 24" bikes...$1.95

Schwinn Sting-Ray handlebar

  • Chrome plated, strong 16 gauge stell tubing...$2.50

Sprint Generator Light Set

  • Simple and easy to install. Strong beam. Fits on front fork....$4.95

Schwinn Sting-Ray Windshield

  • Clear vinyl with metal face plate. Fits all high rise handlebar bikes....$4.95

Fair Lady Basket

  • Mounts on front handlebar. Attractive and convenient, white wicker with floral decoration....$5.95
1966 Schwinn accessories 2

Sprint Bottle Cage

  • With unbreakable bottle. Mounts on handlebar....$1.95

Sprint Bottle Cage

  • With bottle. Mounts on frame quickly and easily. Chrome plated steel....$1.95

Schwinn Racing Cap

  • For riding comfort, protection from the sun... smart appearance...$.79

Schwinn Sprtlight

  • Complete generator set including headlight and taillight...$5.95

Spitfire Frame Pump

  • Mounts on bike. Complete with mounting clips....$1.65

Sprint Toe Clips and Straps

  • For correct foot position on rat-trap pedals complete....$1.95

Rossendale Touring Bag

  • Superior quality, large capacity. Twom roomy side pockets, weatherproof. Leather straps. Deluxe throughout...$12.95

Bardale Weatherproof Bag

  • Mounts on handlebar. Large capacity. Heavy duck material. Karri-Map to fit bag available at extra cost...$9.95
1966 Schwinn accessories 4

Schwinn Helmet

  • Black Finish, durable synthetic construction lined with genuine leather. Rubber padded...$4.50

Schwinn Training Jersey

  • Long sleeves, wool knit, expertly tailored, solid colors with championship stripes...$17.95

Schwinn Racing Gloves

  • Reinforced leather palms. Open finger style. Knitted back. Added comfort for all riding...$4.95

Schwinn Tights

  • Cotton racing tags with genuine chamois padded seat for added comfort....$7.95

Schwinn Cyling Shoes

  • Rxcellent quality genuine leather. preffered by discriminating riders...$14.95
1966 Schwinn baby seat

Schwinn Spitfire Combination baby seat and carrier

More fun for the whole family. A convenient carrier when folded. A quick lift and a snap of the positive lacking device turns it into a seat for baby. Foot protectors for added safety. Ideal for children up to four years of age. Easy to install on any full size lightweight bike....$9.95

1966 Schwinn accessories 3

Schwinn Grips

  • Popular molded design for comfortable hand fit. In six colors....$.59

Schwinn Carrier

  • Easily installed on any middleweight. Standard chrome...$3.50

Schwinn Deluxe Carrier

  • Steel construction, chrome plated with four reflector tips...$9.95

Lightweight Carrier

  • With package lck and school bad hanger. Fits any full size Shwinn bike. Will not more frame or fender...$4.50

Schwinn Speedometer

  • Mounts on handlebar and shows you how fast and how for you ride...$6.50

Schwinn Color Matched Paint

  • 16 oz. can of spray paint..........$1.95
  • 4 oz. can of spray paint...........$.98
  • 1/4 pint can of brush on enamel....$.59

Spitfire Utility Pump

  • Convenient size, easy to use...$1.95

Schwinn Tire Pump

  • Thumb lock connection for all valve stems, Stirrup style...$3.75

Schwinn Pump with Gauge

  • Large capacity for all types of tires. Accurate built-in pressure gauge....$9.95

Schwinn Excersicer

Now! Enjoy year-around cycling in your own home!

1966 Schwinn exerciser

There's nothing like regular daily excersice to help keep fit and trim, and now it's so easy and convenient for all the family, in the privacy of your own home. Quiet, smooth-runnin, the Schwinn Exerciser has built-in timer, speedometer, and odometer, and adjustable pedal resistance for easy or vigorous workouts.

Quick acting seat post lever for easy adjustment of saddle height to suit any member of the family. Schwinn Quality throughout. Radiant Coppertone, White.

  • XR1 Schwinn Exerciser............$66.95

printed in U.S.A Zone 1 A-1400-1

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