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1975 schwinn consumer catalog front cover

In-depth guide to the 1975 line of Schwinn bicycles. Consumer catalogs offer many photos, specifications and available accessories.

Document Details

  • Title: Schwinn Consumer Catalog
  • Year Published: 1975
  • Publisher: Schwinn Bicycle Company
  • Intended Audience: Schwinn Dealers / Schwinn Consumers
  • Content types: Text / Illustrations / Photographs
  • Document Type: Softcover Booklet
  • Page Count: 63
  • Document Size: 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches
  • This document has been transcribed: 1975 Schwinn catalog online


Front Cover

There were at least two versions of the front cover for 1975. The catalog contents were the same, only the cover was different.

1975 Schwinn consumer catalog front cover versions

Table of contents

1975 Schwinn consumer catalog table of contents

Example Interior page

1975 Schwinn consumer catalog interior page

Back Cover

1975 Schwinn consumer catalog back cover

This page describes a vintage Schwinn publication and is part of an effort to describe, document and inventory vintage Schwinn publications.

Vintage Schwinn documents > 1975 > Schwinn Consumer Catalog