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This site would not be possible without the Schwinn community and a few people in particular. This page lists useful Schwinn resources for collectors and restorers and also lists sources of information that helped me sort out the history of Schwinn cruisers.

Official Schwinn Company Websites


Forums are uniquely important to the vintage Schwinn community. Forums are places where people post pictures, share their knowlege, ask questions and find answers.

  • Schwinn Bike Forum - Large popular (unofficial) Schwinn forum. An important Schwinn resource where many questions and posts go up almost everday.
  • The Cabe Bike Forum - The Cabe has been a long standing and extremely useful forum for Schwinn research for me and hopefully it will be for you too.

Images / Catalogs / Online Visual Resources

Informative Schwinn Online Resources


  • 50 Years of Schwinn Built Bicycles by Frank W Schwinn - 1945 (out of print)
  • Super Balloon Tire Bicycles 1933 - World War II by James Hurd & T. A. Gordon
  • Chicago Cycle Supply Company 1938 Catalog (out of print) note: copies of this 150 page catalog have been made
  • Classic Schwinn Bicycles by William Love

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