The Schwinn Flying Star

1961 schwinn flying star

The Schwinn Flying star was made twice by Schwinn. The first was from 1955 to 1958. The second version came in 1961 and only lasted one year. The Flying Star was a budget model for boys and girls. It has the unique distinction of having three different frame types (no bar, straight bar and cantilever) over the few years in was made.

1955 Schwinn Flying Star

1955 schwinn flying star

This popular priced bicycle offers top middleweight performance at low cost.

boys 26-inch Model F11

The Flying Star is equipped with the Bendix Multi-Speed hub with power brake, Schwinn 1.75” Tornado tires and Schwinn’s sturdy single-bar frame-- an outstanding combination for speed and dependability.


FRAME- Schwin single bar middleweight, girls middleweight.
FORK- Forged, narrow middleweight design.
REAR HUB- Bendix Multi-Speed.
TIRES- Shwinn Tornado, 1.75”
RIMS- Schwinn tubular S7, chrome.
KICKSTAND- Detachable.
COLORS- Spitfire red, blue or green; also black enamel.


Shipping Weight lbs.

  • F11 F61 26-inch Flying Star 54 54
  • F21 F71 24-inch Flying Star 50 50

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1956 Schwinn Flying Star

Here's an attractive middleweight with speed to spare- and at an amazing low price!

1956 schwinn flying star

2-speed Gears
Equipped with Bendix Mutli-Speed 2-Speed gears with power coaster brake and 1.75" Schwinn Tornado tires on Schwinn's sturdy single-bar frame. Offered in boys and girls 26" and 24" models.

Colors: Spitfire red, blue or green - also black enamel.

1956 Straightbar Flying Star

There was a version of the Flying Star shown in the 1956 Schwinn dealer catalog that had a straightbar frame:

1956 schwinn flying star straightbar

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1957 Schwinn Flying Star

Speed to spare...priced with the lowest!

1957 schwinn flying star

American-made 2-speed Gears with Coaster brake
1.75 Schwinn middleweight tires
Cantilever frame
Boys and Girls 24" and 26" models

Colors: Spitfire red, blue, florida green also black enamel.

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1958 Schwinn Flying Star

I do not have access to a 1958 catalog to quote. The Flying Star was made in 1958 and it had a cantilever frame.

1961 Schwinn Flying Star

A leading bicycle buy. Light, tank, carrier, two-tone saddle. Sturdy Schwinn quality.

1961 schwinn flying star

Colors: Light red enamel, white fenders and trim..

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