The Schwinn Catalina

1959 Schwinn Catalina

This page provides images and info quoted from Schwinn catalogs and other documentation for the Catalina girls bike from Schwinn.

1959 Schwinn Catalina

Luxury styling - makes the girls’ Catalina a popular semi-equipped model at a modest price.

1959 Schwinn Catalina

Catalina new styling for girls!

Choice of gear-shift or coaster hubs in pastel or Radiant colors. Features: Front carrier, chrome headlight, two-tone saddle, chrome rims with whitewall tires, choice of 3-speed with caliper brakes, 2-speed with coaster brake or regular coaster brake.

Catalina models for girls:

Shipping No. / Size / Description / Wt., lbs.

  • S63-3 / 26 inch / 3-Speed (Schwinn-Approved) / 51
  • S63-2 / 26 inch / 2-Speed Coaster (Bendix) / 51
  • S63-1 / 26 inch / Coaster (Mark IV) / 51
  • S73-1 / 24 inch / Coaster (Mark IV) / 46

COLORS: White and Rose, White and Powder Blue, Radiant Red or Blue.

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