The Schwinn Corvette

The Schwinn Corvette was made between 1954 to 1964 and then more recently reintroduced as a new (entirely different) bike in 2010.

This page provides year by year images and info quoted from Schwinn catalogs for the Corvette from 1954 to 1965.


The Corvette was presented to the world via this picture of a bike surrounded by a bunch of suits...


In 1955 the Corvette first found itself in a catalog. The 1955 Schwinn Catalog is gorgeous and provides us with great info and images. The Corvette was introduced and had boys and girls models...

1955 Schwinn Corvette

Boys 26-inch Model F17

Most luxurious of the new middleweight models, with 3-speed gears, front and rear caliper brakes, stainless steel fenders, chrome headlight, whitewall tires and a handsome spring-type front luggage carrier on 26-inch models. Also available with coaster brake.


FRAME- Boys middleweight cantilever, girls middleweight.
FORK- Forged, narrow middleweight design.
REAR HUB- 3-Speed or coaster brake.
BRAKES- Front and rear calipers on 3-speed model; coaster brake only on coaster brake models.
CARRIER - Aluminum front carrier, spring-type (26-inch models only).
FENDERS- Stainless steel.
TIRES- Shwinn Tornado, 1.75” whitewall.
RIMS- Schwinn tubular S7, chrome.
COLORS- Opal red, blue or green; also black enamel.


Shipping Weight lbs.

  • F17 F67 26-inch Corvette 3- speed 60 58
  • F27 F77 24-inch Corvette 3- speed 49 1/2 49
  • F13 F77 26-inch Corvette (coaster brake) 59 58
  • F23 F73 24-inch Corvette (coaster brake) 47 1/2 47


In 1956 the Corvette was already a popular bike, it would become very very popular in a couple years, but this is what was in the 1956 Schwinn catalog...

1956 Schwinn Corvette

Schwinn Corvette - 3 speed gears

Finest of the new Schwinn Middleweights!
Deluxe equipment includes 3 - speed gears, front and rear handbrakes, stainless steel fenders, whitewall 1.75" Schwinn Tornado tires. Handsome spring-type luggage carrier on 26 inch models only. Available in boys and girls 26 inch and 24 inch models.

Colors: Opalescent red, blue or green- also black enamel.

The above paragraph is a direct quote of the 1956 Schwinn catalog. Collectors and restorers should note a couple things from the image, the seat is leather tan with bar, not black and the handlebar grips are solid color with white lettering.

See the full 1956 Schwinn catalog.


This year we get an actual photo from the Schwinn flyer that came out this year with celebrity Clint Walker, plus a drawing of the Corvette from the catalog...

1957 Schwinn Corvette

The most obvious change for the 1957 Corvette is the seat. It is now a bi-color seat.

Brimming with beauty and a beauty to ride!

1957 schwinn girls corvete

Corvette - Leader of the Middleweight Popularity Parade!

Sturney-Archer 3-speed Gears
Front and rear Hand brakes
Stainless Steel fenders
Whitewall 1.75 middleweight tires
Spring-type luggage carrier on all models
Boys and Girls 26" and 24" models
coaster brake optional at lower cost

Colors: Opalescent red, blue or green and black enamel.

See the full 1957 Schwinn catalog.


My favorite year for Corvettes, and just about every other Schwinn model I like.

The Schwinn team really put things in high gear in 1959 with sweet accessories and stylish touches. 1959 is the year when the the famous "s" seats came out and during this year there was the very nice white handlebar grips with the teardrop colored in except for the "Schwinn" which was white.

1969 schwinn corvette

1959 Schwinn Corvette

The fancier chain guards came out this year. In short many of the beloved Schwinn details loved throughout the sixties actually started in 1959. They also published a wonderful catalog this year with large full color photos and great details about each Schwinn mode. Very nice.

Famous Schwinn Style- Leader Corvette Middleweight

Most Popular Middleweight

The famous Corvette, designed and introduced by Schwinn, started a whole new style trend- is now the most imitated bicycle in the world, often copied but never equaled.

Features genuine Schwinn Cantilever frame, double-hinged front carrier, stainless steel fenders, chrome Hi-lo beam head light, whitewall tires, Schwinn monogram reflector, choice of 3-speed with caliper brakes, 2-speed coaster brake or regular coaster brake.

Corvette models for boys

Shpg. No. Size Description Wt. Lbs.

  • F17-3 26 inch 3-Speed (Shwinn-Approved) 55 ½
  • F17-2 26 inch 2-Speed Coaster (Bendix) 55 ½
  • F17-1 26 inch Coaster (Mark IV) 55 ½
  • F27-3 24 inch 3-Speed (Schwinn-Approved) 47 ½
  • F27-2 24 inch 2-Speed Coaster (Bendix) 47 ½
  • F27-1 24 inch Coaster (Mark IV) 47 ½

See page 30 for other rear hubs, optional equipment and how to order.

COLORS: Radiant Red, Blue, Green, Black, White.


Welcome to the sixties. The corvette continued to be popular, and was very much loved for its new details.

1960 Schwinn Corvette

Most popular. Light, carrier. Stainless steel fenders.

Famous Schwinn cantilever frame, deluxe equipment, spakling chrome trim, whitewall tires. Radiant red, blue, green, black; green in 26" size only.

  • 26" 2 or 3 speed ...... $76.95
  • 26" coaster brake .... $66.95
  • 24" 2 speed ............. $73.95
  • 24" coaster brake .... $63.95

Note- Collectors and restorers should note that this year this paint was changed to "radiant".

See the full 1960 Schwinn catalog.


Most popular. Light, carrier. Stainless steel fenders!

1961 Schwinn Corvette

Famous Schwinn cantilever frame, deluxe equipment, spakling chrome trim, whitewall tires. Radiant red, blue, green, black; green in 26" size only.

  • 26" 2 or 3 speed ...... $76.95
  • 26" coaster brake .... $66.95
  • 24" 2 speed ............. $73.95
  • 24" coaster brake .... $63.95

See the full 1961 Schwinn catalog.


A truly luxurious middleweight with many fine features.

1962 Schwinn Corvette

Now the famous Schwinn Corvette is availible with new 5 speed derailler gears (illustrated) ... or with 3 speed, 2 speed or coaster brake models as before.

Schwinn luxury features -

  • Stury Schwinn cantilever frame
  • New Schwinn Approved headlight
  • Choice of Huret 5 speed derailler, 3 speed hub, automatic 2 speed or American made coaster brake
  • Deluxe front carrier, whitewall tires
  • Sparkling stainless fenders
  • Deluxe rear reflector
  • Colors: Radiant red,Radiant blue, Radiant green, black.

Choice of 5-speed 2 or 3 speed coaster! Stainless steel fenders!

Luxuriously equipped. New headlight, whitewall tires,, deluxe rear reflector. Radiant green, blue, red or black.

  • 26" 5-speed derailleur, F17-9 .... $79.95
  • 26" 2 or 3 speed ................. $76.95
  • 26" coaster brake ................ $56.95

See the full 1962 Schwinn catalog.


Luxurious middleweight modern design! Gleaming colors!

1963 Schwinn Corvette

The quality model for 1963 ...
A truly luxurious middleweight with many fine features... and a distinctively modern design that says, Go!

Schwinn Quality Features

  • Sturdy Schwinn cantilever frame
  • Deluxe Schwinn Headlight
  • Choice of 3 speed hub, automatic 2 speed or American made coaster brake
  • Deluxe front carrier, nylon whitewall tires
  • Sparkling stainless steel fenders
  • Deluxe rear reflector
  • Colors Radiant red, Radiant blue, radiant coppertone, black.

Quality equipped . Deluxe Schwinn headlight, stainless steel! fenders, front carrier, nylon whitewall tires. Flamboyant Red, Radiant blue, coppertone, black.

  • F17-26" coaster brake .... $66.95
  • F17-26" 2 or 3 speed ..... $76.95

See the full 1963 Schwinn catalog.


The bike design that sets the pace.

1964 Schwinn Corvette

  • Carrier - Aluminum luggage carrier... double hinged to hold books and packages.
  • Saddle - Vinyl... foam cusioned... with chrome crash rail... cherome plated coil springs... comfortable.... built to last.
  • Headlight - Schwinn design... sturdy...with improved rotary switch... easy to turn on and off by turning dial.
  • Pedals - Top quality... ball bearing construction... free spinning... long lasting.
  • Fenders - Stainless steel... rust resistant... long lasting beauty.
  • Tire - Whitewall... nylon... tough... resilient... water resisting.

(Corvette on right)

Clean, crisp and loaded with extras. Double hinged carrier, stainless steel fenders, whitewall tires and Schwinn light.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue, Coppertone and Black.

  • F17 - 26" Corvette, American made coaster ........ $66.95
  • F17 - 26" Corvette, 2 or 3 speed ........... $76.95

See the full 1964 Schwinn catalog.

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