The Schwinn Leader

1951 schwinn leader

The Schwinn Leader was made between 1951 to 1953.

This page provides year by year images and info quoted from Schwinn catalogs for the Leader from 1951 to 1953.


A smartly styled yet sturdy bike - designed for utility and pleasure riding

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1951 Schwinn Leader

The Shciwnn Leader includes such fine equipment as smart truss rods, powerful torpedo headlight, patented built-in Kickstand, and full width fenders. It is quality- built to assure fast, smooth riding, easy coasting, and dependable service. Choose from many attractive colors in finest baked-on enamels. Fully protected by the famous Schwinn Guarantee. Boys and girls will be enthusiastic over this bike - it's a big value at a low price!

Top notch quality at an attractive price!

  • Model D-13 26-inch


  • Frame Electro-forged, fully streamlined, made from Schwinn built tubing, boys model has patented Cantilever design.
  • Fork Solid forged steel construction with patented truss rods. No brazing.
  • Crank set Drop forged from high carbon steel, triple heat treated cups and cones. Cones turned from fine grain bar steel, chrome steel balls, two point ball bearing races.
  • Fron Hub Schwinn built with removable bearing cups.
  • Rear Hub Standard coaster brake.
  • Head Set Schwinn built, triple heat treated cups and cones, with chrome steel balls.
  • Handlebar Chrome plated, SB 26 x 8 on D13, Boy Scout on D53.
  • Handlebar Stem Standard extension stem, best quality.
  • Kickstand Schwinn patented dust and rattle proof.
  • Fenders Deep type, reinforced, rigid semi-tubular braces. Rear braces attached directly to frame.
  • Head light Torpado type.
  • Chain Guard Embossed design, secured directly to frame.
  • Tires Schwinn Typhoon Whitewall 26 x 2 1/8" cord balloon.
  • Rims Schwinn built, tubular, enameled S-2.
  • Saddle koroseal top, felt padded.
  • Pedals Schwinn approved, adjustable bearings.
  • Reflector 1 1/2" Jewel.
  • Shipping Weight D13, 60 pounds; 53, 59 pounds.
  • Colors: Dark Red, Blue, Green or Black.

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A fine equipped bicycle at a really attravtive price.

1952 schwinn leader

1952 Schwinn Leader

The Equipped Standard for Boys...
Top-notch quality and sturdy equipment, including shiny-bright truss rods and the powerful torpedo headlight.

  • 26- inch model No. D-13.

Schwinn Leader for Girls

The Equipped Standard for Girls...
Girls will love the sleek lines and smart styling of this bright new Schwinn. They'll be enthusiastic over the smart truss rods and streamlines headlight that accent the design.

  • 26- inch model No. D-53.

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Top natch Schwinn quality and sturdy equipment, including chrome truss rods and powerful torpedo headlight.

1953 schwinn leader for boys and girls

1653 Schwinn Leader

Schwinn Leader for Boys

Schwinn patented cantilever frame. A fine bicycle at an attractive price. Quality construction throughout. Guaranteed As-Long-As-You-Own-It.

  • 26 inch model No. D-13

Schwinn Leader for Girls

Sleek lines and smart styling of this bright new Schwinn make it a favorite with girls. They'll enthusiastic over the smart truss rods and streamlined headlight that accent the design. Protected by the famous Schwinn Guarantee.

  • 26 inch model No. D-53

Schwinn Bikes are Preferred by over 9 to 11!

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