The Schwinn Panther III

The Schwinn Panther gets its third makeover, it still looks visually very much like the Panther II. The fenders are now chrome, but the bike is still available in 2 speed, 3 speed, or coaster. The Panther Three was only made for two years, 1961 and 1962. It is a very nice bike and a great find because of the rare half tank and twin headlights. I recently sold those headlights alone for over 300 dollars.


Twin Headlights. Two carriers. Trimline tank, horn.

1961 Schwinn Panther III

New Schwinn styling. Deluxe equipment. 2 Tone saddle, whitewall tires, chrome fenders. Radiant red, blue, green, black.

  • 26" 2 or 3 speed .....$79.95
  • 26" coaster brake ...$69.95

Superb new styling... trim, sleek, and fast... and the look that's distinctively "SCHWINN".


  • FRAME: Schwinn cantilever design
  • FORK: Schwinn forged
  • CRANK SET: One piece, drop forged
  • FENDERS: Chorme plated
  • LAMP: Schwinn Twin-lamp

No. size description wt.lbs.

  • F15 26 inch Panther 58 1/2

Available in 3-speed, 2-speed or coaster brake.
Colors: Radiant Red, Blue, Green, Black.

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New Superb styling. Deluxe equipment.

1962 Schwinn Panther III

Chrome front and rear carriers. Whitewall tires. Radiant red, black.

  • 26" coaster brake, F15 ....$69.95
  • 26" 2 or 3 speed, F15 .....$79.95

Superb styling. Deluxe equipment. Chrome front and rear carriers, whitewall tires. Radiant Red or Black.


Superb styling... trim, sleek and fast... and the look that's disticntively "SCHWINN."
Deluxe features include front and rear chrome carriers, chrome trimmed tank with horn, twin headlights.


  • Strong electro-forged cantilever frame.
  • Twin headlights, deluxe rear reflector.
  • Gleaming chrome plated fenders.
  • Two Deluxe chrome carriers, front and rear.
  • Two-toned saddle; whitewall tires.
  • Chrome trimmed tank with built-in town.
  • American made coaster brake... or 2 or 3-speed gears.

Colors: Radiant red or black

Optional at extra cost:

  • Front caliper brake, $3.00.
  • Drilled fork, $.75.
  • Schwinn Approved No.7000 saddle, $2.25.
  • Thorn-resisting tubes, $2.00.
  • Heavy duty tractor tires, $2.25.
  • TCW 3-speed coaster with front caliper, as substitute for 3-speed with front and rear caliper, $4.50

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