The Schwinn Sidewinder

1982 schwinn sidewinder

This page provides year by year images and info quoted from Schwinn catalogs for the Sidewinder from 1982 to 1984.


On granite-pocked mountain trails, parched salt flats or sundrenched dunes, the rugged Sidewinder is a lot more than just a survivor- it's pioneer that opens up territory nobody would have dreamed of talking bike into just a few years back.

1982 schwinn sidewinder
  • SW1-9 10-speed
  • SW1-5 5-speed
  • SW1-0 Freewheel single speed
  • Colors: Frosty Silver Blue, Sierra Brown with Gold.

Sidewinder features include a durable exclusive electro-forged frame, a wide range of gearing choices, cushioned grips and balloon tires. For racing or off-mountain use, the coaster-brake single-speed Sidewinder combines a lean, mean look with a down-to-earth price tag.

1982 schwinn 37

How new models: 10- and 5-speed mountain bikes, a BMX-styled single speed

5-speed Sidewinder includes a 14-17-22-28-38 rear cog and a SunTour AG rear derailleur.
Schwinn's tubular front fork can take the roughness of mountain and desert riding.
Whoever dreamed a bike this tough could look this good?

1982 schwinn 38

Conveniently mounted shift levers on the 10-speed Sidewinder.

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An economically priced all terrain bicycle vastly improved over last year.

1983 schwinn predator all terrain sidewinder

The Sidewinder combines traditional Schwinn durability with proven performance and comfort.

  • Schwinn flash welded frame and tubular fork
  • SunTour thumb shifters
  • Comfortable cushion grips
  • Schwinn designed custom handlebar
  • Custom-designed Avocet touring saddle

Available in midnight blue or chestnut.

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Jump on and grab the fun of off-road riding or put a little kick into regular street riding. The Sidewinder bike features a durable hi-tensile steel frame and fork. Reliable components include a steel crankset. Huret front and SunTOur rear derailleurs, alloy sidepull brakes, and rattrap pedals. The handlebar is designed to allow a comfortable upright riding position. The wide, pliable tires give great traction on smooth or rough surfaces. Try the Sidewinder, a bike that's built for fun, but also built to last.

  • SW1:


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