The Schwinn Sprint

1981 schwinn sprint cover

This page provides year by year images and info quoted from Schwinn catalogs for the Sprint from 1974 to 1988.


A new, but tested, concept in lightweight bicycle design... proven by computerized standards established at the Calspan testing laboratory.

1974 schwinn sprint

Special frame design provides a completely deifferent "Fun Feel" to the ride. Special shorter wheelbase carbon steel frame, 10-speed Schwinn-Approved 38 to 100 derailleur gear, Twin-Stik gear shift, dual position centel bull brake levers, 27" x 1 1/4" high pressure gumwall tires, and lightweight steel rims.
Colors: Kool Lemon, Opaque red. Wt. 36-37 lbs. depending on frame size.

  • 422 22" frame sprint...
  • 424 24" frame sprint...

See the full 1974 Schwinn catalog.


It's just a little curve in the seatmast but it makes a big difference in the ride.

1975 schwinn sprint

This year the ten-speed Schwinn Sprint design has been even further refined, so that now more than ever it redistributes the rider's weight, positioning it over the wheel and creating outstanding traction. Check out the Schwinn Sprint. It's really somethingg different.

This unusual concept in lightweight bicycle design is a result of intense engineering and design development... proven by computerized standards established at the Calspan testing laboratories. The special frame angles, weight distribution, and over all configuration provide a responsive, easy riding bicycle with remarkable performance characteristics.

  • Schwinn Sprint (22" frame) Model 422
  • Schwinn Sprint (24" frame) Model 424
1975 schwinn 26


Frame: Schwinn designed and manufactured short-coupled durable steel. Tubular front fork.
Frame Finish: Sky blue, flamboyant red, chestnut.
Wheels: Lightweight steel tubular rims. Quick release hubs.
Tires: Schwinn- Approved 27" x 1 1/4" high pressure gumwall sports touring.
Handlebar and Stem: Randonneur type aluminum alloy handlebar and forged steel stem.
Crank Set: Lightweight one-piece crank. Schwinn-Approved chainwheel- two plateau, 52-39 teeth.
Pedales: Rattrap stlye with reflectors.
Derailleurs and Gears: Schwinn-Approved frot derailleur GT-260. Schwinn-Approved rear. Rear cog- 14-17-20-24-28 teeth.
Brakes: Center pull aluminum alloy brakes with dual position levers. Easy adjusting brake barrels.
Saddle: Racing style.
Weight: 36 lbs. approx. depending on frame size.

See the full 1975 Schwinn catalog.


Schwinn built frame.

1978 schwinn sprint

Welded on cable fittings.
Tubular steel rims.
360 reflectorixation.
Men's Models:

  • Model 230 (20" frame)........$136.95
  • Model 232 (22" frame)........$136.95
  • Model 234 (24" frame)........$136.95

Schwinn Sprint for ladies

Ladies' Models:

  • Model 280 (20" frame)........$136.95
  • Model 282 (22" frame)........$136.95

Colors: Flamboyant ted, Sky blue.


Frame: Unique design and construction, electro-forged. Tubular steel front fork. Built-in-kickstand.
Wheels: Schwinn-built tubular steel rims. 27" x 1 1/4" Schwinn Breeze gumwall tires.
Handlebar: Chrome plated drop style, taped.
Stem: Satin finished steel.
Crankset: Patented Schwinn-built chainwheel with one piece forged steel crank.
Derailleur: Sprin front, "7" rear.
Gears: 39-52 front. 14-17-20-24-28 freewheel.
Brakes: Schwinn-Approved side pull with dual position levers.
Pedals: Rattrap, reflectorized.
Saddle: Padded black vinyl.
Weight: Approximately 38 lbs.

Note: Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

See the full 1978 Schwinn catalog.


A big new attraction this year is the tough, smart-looking Sprint, which further broadens Schwinn's outstanding line of 27 inch lightweight.

1981 schwinn sprint

Men's frame sizes

S17 70"
S20 20"
S22 20"

Schwinn Sprint for ladies

Womens's frame sizes

S57 17"
S60 20"

Colors: Frosty Silver.

In handsome Frosty Silver, the Sprint features Schwinn's regular Electro-forged frame with Schwinn caliper brakes, pedals and hubs. It also offers Schwinn's regular chrome plated forged-steel crank with double plateau sprockets and Huret and Shimano derailleurs.

1981 schwinn 29

An outstanding new economical addition to the Schwinn Lightweight line

Tubular front fork and an Electo-forged frame are standard on the Sprint- a featured new addition to the Schwinn lightweight line.
Ladies' version of the new Sprint, available in both 17- and 20-inch frames.
Red decals and opaque red handlebar tape add to the dashing look of this new model.

See the full 1981 Schwinn catalog.


Men's frame sizes

1982 schwinn sprint
  • S17 70"
  • S20 20"
  • S22 20"
  • S44 24" wheels

Schwinn Sprint

Women's frame sizes

  • S57 17"
  • S60 20"
  • S84 24" wheels
  • Colors: Frosty Silver.

Now in its second year, the highly popular Schwinn Sprint gives every indication of becoming one of the most respected 10-speed lightweights on the road. Its Frosty Silver frame, black tape handlebars and red trim offer you lots of dash and high value at a very realistic price. It also feautes Schwinn's electro-forged carbon steel frame, Huret and Shimano derailleurs for sure, easy shifts, and Schwinn caliper brakes, pedals and hubs.

With three men's and two women's frame sizes, as well as new 24 inch models for boys and girls, the Sprint has to be a strong contender for almost any 10-speed shopper.

1982 schwinn 26

outstanding economy in a dependable 10-speed performer

Tubular front fork and an Electo-forged frame are standard on the Sprint.
Ladies' version of the new Sprint, available in both 17- and 20-inch frames.
Red decals and shiny black handlebar tape add stylish good looks. Velocipac handlebar bag is optional equipment (See Parts and Accessories).

See the full 1982 Schwinn catalog.


Sprint 27" designed for: younger or smaller first time 10 speed riders and economy minded people who won't sacrafice quality and durability.

1985 schwinn  sprint

Frame Specifications

Frame: Hi tensile steel lugged frame.
Fork: Hi-tensile steel tubular.
Braze-ons: Top tube guides, cable guides.

Drive Train specifications

Pedal: Chrome plated steel rat trap.
Crank: SR CTC-5SG, alloy with steel rings, 170mm. *ANLUN AL1000, alloy cotterless, 152mm.
Chain: TYC, 1/2" x 3/32" black.
Freewheel: SunTour, 5 speed.
Derailleurs: SunTour new hero, steel (front and rear). *SHIMANO AX-50, steel (front) SHIMANO skylark, steel (rear).
Levers: SunTour, alloy Schwinn system headest mount.

Wheel Specifications

Tires: Schwinn HP Sport, 27" x 1 1/4", 85 psi gumwall, raised center ridge. *Schwinn Sport, 24" x 1 1/4", gumwall, 75 psi.
Rims: FEMCO 27" x 1 1/4" chrome plated steel. *FEMCO, 24" x 1 1/4", gumwall plated steel.
Hubs: Chrome plated steel, 36 hole, semi large flange.
Spokes: 14 ga chrome plated, 3X spoke pattern, brass nipples.

Control Specifications

Handlebar: Chrome plated steel.
Stem: Alloy with recessed bolts, 60mm extension on 19" and 21", 80mm on 23"and 25".
Headset: Chrome plated steel with clipped bearings.
Brakes: CHANG STAR 630N, alloy side pull.
Brake levers: CHANG STAR, alloy with easy to reach extension levers.

Comfort Specifications

Saddle: Padded vinyl.
Seat Post: Chrome plated steel 8" long 25.8mm dia.
Accessories: Cushion grips, chainguard stainless stay protector.


Colors: Red, blue metallic
Weight: Approx. 28 lbs. *Approx. 26 lbs. *24" wheel model only.

See the full 1985 Schwinn catalog.


Fast becoming a symbol of quality and value, the Sprint includes Schwinn's unmatched warranty and service after the sale.

1986 schwinn sprint
  • Cushion grips, padded anatomic saddle, and Schwinn HP sport tires make the Sprint a joy to ride.
  • Available in 4 diamond frames, 3 step through frames, 2-24" wheel frame sizes, and 3 colors - even more of a reason to ride a Sprint.
  • Frame sizes available, Men's 19", 21", 23" and 25". Ladies; 17", 19" and 21". Boys and Girls; 16" Blue metallic or grey firemist - Men's and Ladies. Blue metallic or red - Boyd and Girls. 619, 621, 623, 625, 657, 659, 661, 664, and 684.

See the full 1986 Schwinn catalog.


True Temper double butted chrome moly frame with forged dropouts

1987 schwinn sprint
  • SunTour derailleur system with easy reach stem shifters
  • Dual position brake levers and cushion grips
  • Durable steel wheels with high pressure gum wall tires
  • Firemist and Opaque red

Diamond frame

  • 619 - 19"
  • 621 - 21"
  • 623 - 23"
  • 625 - 25"

Step through ( boys and girls )

  • 657 - 17"
  • 659 - 19"
  • 661 - 21"
  • 664 - 24"
  • 684 - 24"

See the full 1987 Schwinn catalog.


The Spring is an all purpose lightweight bike, it delivers a high quality ride and looks at a down to earth price.

1988 schwinn sprint
  • SunTour Alegri deraukkeyr systen wutg easy to reach stem shifters.
  • Alloy crankset with integral chainguard
  • Durable steel wheels with high pressure tires
  • Colors: Opaque red

See the full 1988 Schwinn catalog.

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