1972 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1972 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1972.

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1972 Schwinn Catalog

Come on in ... the cycling is fine!

The 1972 Schwinn bike book is dedicated to bicycling . . . through out the book you'll find pictures of happy riders taken in many parts of the United States . . . just a sampling of the new, now life of bicycling.

Schwinn, invites you to join with over eight million Americans you each year discover the joy of "getting there under you won power" on a bicycle.

In just the past few years millions of enthusiastic adults have joined the youthful cyclists in sharing the benefits of the out-f-doors.

You see them everywhere- in cities, on the open road, on campuses, in parks, and on the growing number of bicycle paths throughout our beautiful land. Isn't it time for you???

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California -

Students enjoy cycling as part of their daily life for fun as well as a practical means of getting about the huge University of California campus at Irvine. Safe, convenient bike paths make the going easy from point to point throughout area.

1972 schwinn 3

Wisconsin -

They haven't lost their way -- bike trails are clearly marked where ever they go -- but they are looking forward to their next adventure along the Cross- Wisconsin Bike path near Sparta, Wisconsin.

The path runs along bubbling streams, over roads via trestles, and through the hills by tunnels. The hard cinder path is laid out over an abandoned railroad right-of-way . . . picturesque and beautiful.

1972 schwinn 4


Experienced cyclists will all agree -- see a reliable bicycle sales and service dealer . . . your nearby Factory Authorized Schwinn Dealer. He's a bike expert who know the available models (Schwinn manufactures over 60 with over 300 options).

Your Schwinn Dealer will help you with the selection of the right bike for you needs, assemble it, adjust it, and fit it to you comfort at no extra charge. Later on, when you need service he'll take care of that, too. Friendly, helpful service is his business, so drop in and get acquainted. It's the first step to owning a fine Schwinn bicycle of your own.


Your new Schwinn bike will be assembled, adjusted, and ready-to-ride. Retail price includes assembly.

Your new Schwinn will be fitted to the rider for added safety and comfort-saddle and handlebars adjusted for the best riding position . . . all at no extra charge.

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Your new Schwinn will be protected under the Schwinn Guarantee- No Time Limit! (See page 52 for the complete guarantee.)
Your new Schwinn will be eligible for a free 30-day check-up. service for safety and enjoyment.

All bicycle prices shown in this catalog are fair trade prices in states where Fair Trade Laws apply, In other states they are suggested prices.
All prices and specification are subject to change without notice.

Suggested prices on parts and accessories do not include installation. Battery operated accessories do not include batteries.

Schwinn Paramount Tandems

Schwinn Tandems - Bicycle Built For Two

1972 schwinn paramount tandems

If you appreciate the hand-craftsmanship that goes into a fine watch you'll appreciate the quality you can see as well as feel in the Schwinn Paramount Tandem. A magnificent machine for the luxury minded mature riders who demand the very best. Lightweight chrome molybdenum alloy steel frame and front fork.

Aluminum allow rims, 27" x 1 1/4" road racing tires. Drop style front handlebars, 10-speed derailleur gears, front and rear center pull brakes, alloy crank sets, and carefully chosen sports equipment.
Available in all Schwinn colors except chrome. Write direct to the factory for full information and specifications.

  • T22 Paramount Tandem Double Men's style frame ..................................... $475.00
  • T19 Paramount Tandem Men's Front, Step-Through rear frame ..........................$475.00

See the complete history of the Schwinn Tandem.

Schwinn Deluxe Twinn

A picnic, a ride around the park or a twilight jaunt . . . they're all more fun with a Twinn . . . responsive 5-speed gears help make the ride almost effortless and the hills less steep.

1972 schwinn deluxe twinn and twinn

Low tandem design, easy to mount . . . chrome fenders, 26" x 1 3/8" nylon cord tires, front caliper and rear internal expander brake.
Choice of colors: Campus green, Burgundy, or Kool Lemon.

  • T13-9 Delux Twinn Tandem .................... $142.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Twinn.

Schwinn Twinn

Cycling is fun alone, but the fun is doubled on a new tandem. Here's your chance to share it on the Twinn . . . low tandem frame for easy mounting, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires. Full cushioned saddles for comfort, positive action rear coaster brake and front caliper brake.
Choice of colors: Campus green Sierra Brown.

  • T11 Twinn Tandem ................................. $111.95

Schwinn Paramount

The bicycle that has become the standard of comparison throughout the world. Only the finest steel alloys are crafted into the lightweight handmade frames that form the heart of this finest of machines. Lightweight frames that combine strength and high performance into one.

Every component is carefully chosen, inspected, and fitted for quality, craftsmanship, and performance. Hand crafted in six frame sizes, with a choice of any Schwinn color. For full information, see your Schwinn Dealer or write direct to the factory for the complete specification sheet. Special frames built to customer's order at extra cost.

Schwinn Paramount Track Bike

At championship cycle tracks from coast-to-coast you'll find the leaders-professionals or amateurs-astride a Schwinn Paramount.

1972 schwinn paramount track bike

Precision built and designed especially for track use. Short, rigid, upright frame design especially for track use. Short, rigid, upright frame design.= . . . feather light . . . for high performance. Aluminum alloy rims, Campagnolo Record High flange hubs, tubular 27" x 1" silk sew-up track tires.
Choice of any Schwinn color.

  • P14-9 Paramount Track Bike .............$224.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Paramount.

Schwinn Professional Road Racing Paramount

Among cycling experts throughout the world, you'll find the Paramount is America's contribution to cycling technology and excellence, Handcrafted and equipped with the finest components available.

1972 schwinn professional road racing paramount and deluxe paramount

Ten speed derailleur, 51 to 100 gear. Wide selection of custom equipment . . . All Schwinn colors, including chrome.

  • P13-9 Professional Road Racing Paramount ......$350.00

See the complete history of the Schwinn Paramount.

Schwinn Deluxe Paramount

Unmatched performance that challenges comparison and featuring the option of 15-speed wide range 31 to 104 derailleur gears. Schwinn high pressure sports touring tires. Handcrafted throughout with the superb craftsmanship that he world has come to except from the Paramount complete choice of all Schwinn colors, including chrome.

  • P15-9 Deluxe Paramount ....................................... $350.00
1972 schwinn 6

Gearing on Bicycles

Gearing on bicycles is listed as a whole number, such as 70 Gear, use on bicycles for normal riding conditions. this number is related to the distance traveled in one revolution for the crank. The gear number "70" multiplied by Pi (3-1/7) will give the distance traveled in one revolution- or 220 inches.

The lower gears require less pedal effort, but decrease the distance the bicycle travels in one revolution of the pedals. The lower gears are used primarily for pedaling up grade or against wind.

Conversely, the higher gears require more pedal effort and the distance traveled for one revolution of the pedals increases. These higher gears should be used primarily on down grade or with the wind to maintain the speed attained with little effort.

To lower the gear on a bicycle, you can decrease the size of the front sprocket or increase the size of the rear sprocket. Conversely, to get a higher gear, you can increase the size of the front sprocket or decrease the size of the rear sprocket. On derailleur bicycles, the chain is positioned on different size front or rear sprockets to vary the gearing.

On multi-speed hubs, the internal parts shit to accomplish gear change.

Cycle Gearing Chart

1972 schwinn chart 1972 schwinn chart 2

Schwinn Sports Tourer

A quality collection of internationally known bicycle components brought together by Schwinn in a unique design for the serious cyclist.

1972 schwinn sports tourer

Featuring 3-piece aluminum crank set, chrome molybdenum frame . . . lightweight with high strength, 10-speed wide range rear derailleur, a wide range 5-gear gear cluster with 1" pitch--a gear range of 32 to 104. Large flange quick release hubs, chrome plated spokes, aluminum rims, Schwinn high performance nylon tires, drop style handlebars, chrome trimmed from fork.
Colors: Kool Lemon, Sierra Brown, Opaque Green and Opaque Blue.

  • Model 832 22" frame Sports Tourer ..... $196.00
  • Model 834 24" frame Sports Tourer ...... $196.00
  • Model 836 26" frame Sports Tourer ...... $196.00

Schwinn Super Sport

Designed with the adult cyclist in mind-the rider who wants outstanding performance and a better bike with precision engineered components.

1972 schwinn super sport

Test ride the Schwinn Super Sport with hand brazed chrome molybdenum alloy steel lightweight frame. Choice of 10-speeds in a wide range derailleur gear, 33 to 100 ration; wide range 5-cog cluster, Schwinn-Approved 27" x 1 1/4" high performance sports touring tires, Schwinn Twin-Stick gear controls located at the handle-bar stem, Dual position handbrake levers and quick release hubs.
Choice of colors: Kool Lemon, Opaque Green, and Opaque Blue.

  • Model 822 22" frame Super Sport .... $136.95
  • Model 824 24" frame Super Sport .... $136.95
  • Model 826 26" frame Super Sport .... $136.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Sport.

Schwinn Continental

Whether it's a trip to the pool, the daily after work ride along the bikeway, or the long ride over the country road, the Schwinn Continental brings a new dimension to bike riding.

1972 schwinn continental

An outstanding combination of cycling features including the lightweight diamond style frame 10-speed 30 to 100 derailleur gear, Twin-Stick gear shift located for convenience and safety at the handlebar stem, dual position caliper brake that provide quick, sure stops with the touch of the fingertips, quick release hubs, 37" x 1 1/4" Schwinn-Approved Puff nylon cord tires, and lightweight steel rims.
Choice of colors: Kool Lemon, Sierra Brown, and Burgundy.

  • Model 322 22" frame Continental ... $104.95
  • Model 324 24" frame Continental ... $104.95
  • Model 326 26" frame Continental ... $104.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Continental.

Schwinn Suburban

Tourist styling for those who prefer a more upright riding position .

1972 schwinn suburban

The Schwinn Suburban features the sturdy diamond style frame; 27" x 1 1/4" nylon cord, Puff tires; Tubular front fork; deluxe mattress style saddle; and attractive coach trim. Choice of frame sizes, three gear options.
colors. Sierra Brown, Campus Green, or Burgundy.

10-SPEED 39 TO 100 GEAR

  • Model 620 20" frame Suburban . . $94.95
  • Model 622 22" frame Suburban . . $94.95
  • Model 624 24" frame Suburban . . $94.95


  • Model 520 20" frame suburban . . $86.95
  • Model 522 22" frame suburban . . $86.95
  • Model 524 24" frame suburban . . $86.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Suburban.

Schwinn Varsity Sport

At home, on the campus, in town, or on a country lane.

1972 schwinn varsity sport

Selected features and equipment usually found on bikes costing much more. Diamond style lightweight frame, Twin-Stick gear shift controls, 10-speed derailleur, 38 to 100 gear, 27" x 1 1/4" sports touring tires, drop handlebars, and dual position brake levers. Four frame sizes.
Colors; Kool Lemon, Sierra Brown and Campus green.


  • Model 120 20" frame Varsity .......... $89.95
  • Model 122 22" frame Varsity .......... $89.95
  • Model 124 24" frame Varsity .......... $89.95
  • Model 126 26" frame Varsity .......... $89.95


  • Model 220 20" frame Varsity ......... $96.95
  • Model 222 22" frame Varsity ......... $96.95
  • Model 224 24" frame Varsity ......... $96.95
  • Model 226 26" frame Varsity ......... $96.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Varsity.

Schwinn Collegiate

Popular priced men's lightweight equipped with a durable 5-speed derailleur and a 5-cog cluster, 37 to 85 gear.

1972 schwinn collegiate

Single-stick shift control mounted at handlebar stem for convenience. 26" x 1 3/8" touring tires.
Choice of colors: Sierra Brown, Campus Green, or Kool Lemon.

Schwinn Collegiate Tourist

  • Model 717 17" frame Collegiate . . . $79.95
  • Model 720 20" frame Collegiate . . .$79.95
  • Model 722 22" frame Collegiate . . . $79.95
  • Model 724 24" frame Collegiate . . .$79.95

Schwinn Collegiate Sport

  • Model 740 20" frame Collegiate . . . $82.95
  • Model 742 22" frame Collegiate . . . $82.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Collegiate.

Schwinn Speedster

A first choice when economy and value are primary considerations.

1972 schwinn speedster

The Schwinn Speedster features the diamond design frame, Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/8" nylon cord touring tires, two-tone cushioned saddle. (Hand brakes on 3-speed model) 17" camelback frame for shorter riders.
Choice of colors: Campus Green and Burgundy.


  • K17-6 17" frame Speedster $56.95
  • K17-6 20" frame Speedster $56.95
  • K17-6 22" frame Speedster $56.95
  • K17-6 24" frame Speedster $56.95


  • K17-4 17" frame Speedster $66.95
  • K17-4 20" frame Speedster $66.95
  • K17-4 22" frame Speedster $66.95
  • K17-4 24" frame Speedster $66.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Speedster.

More and more bicycle riders are becoming interested in joining or starting bicycle clubs, finding interesting and unusual places to ride, or just supporting their favorite outdoor sport-bicycling!

1972 schwinn 7 of 1

The league of American Wheelman has been a leading supporter of cycling activities since the late 1890's. It's a worthwhile organization which you may want to join. Mail a card or letter to L.A.W. organization outlining your interest.

League of
American Wheelmen

5118 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60630

1972 schwinn 8

Rely on Your Schwinn Dealer

When you buy a new Schwinn bike from your local Schwinn Dealer he will see to it that your bike is properly assembled, adjusted and correctly fitted to you so that it is safe and ready.

1972 schwinn 7

First, select a frame size appropriate for your height. Your Schwinn Dealer will help you.
The saddle height should be adjusted so that the rider's leg is almost straight when he sits on the saddle with the ball of the foot on the pedal in its lowest position.

The handlebar should be set so that the grips are at a comfortable angle. This is usually at a slight downward angle pointing to the rear of the bicycle.

Hand levers should be located near the handlebar grips but not touching them. The levers should be positioned below the handlebars at a slight angle outward form the vertical.

1972 schwinn 9


Bike sizes are measured by the size of the wheel and the size of the frame. In the two illustrations, the wheel sizes are identical, 27". On the left the taller and shorter riders are mismatched with the bikes having 20" and 24" frames....wrong when you consider the taller rider is 6'2" and the smaller rider is 5'7"! On the right, they are the proper height for the bikes. The frame size makes the difference in proper fit.

1972 schwinn 7


More and more planned communities all over the country are including a comprehensive network of paved bike paths as part of the original park system. Here in Calabassas Park, California, cyclists can enjoy hours of leisure riding as well as the convenience of cycling from home to club, pool, or tennis court.

New York

Central Park, New York City, is closed to all traffice except bicycles and destrians ever Sunday... many New Yorkers go for a spin.


From Evanston to Jackson Park, Illinois cyclists can ride on paved, marked, and patrolled bike paths.

In Lincoln Park Chicago

Miles of inviting bicycle paths, clearly marked, invite the lover of the out-of-doors as well as the venturesome to enjoy the fun of cycling. More and more city governments are answering the call of bicyclists by designating marked bikeways.

Schwinn Ergometric Exerciser

The Schwinn ergoMetric Exerciser is a stationary bicycle ergometer which permits a closely controlled, measured, and repeatable exercise program.

1972 schwinn ergometric exerciser

With other forms of exercise it is generally not possible to control or measure the work load . . . making it more difficult to measure the physiological effects of exercise. With the ergoMetric Exerciser ... since the work loads are known ...both the program and the rider reaction to the program can be charted.

Features: Dynamometer tested and rated; solid state electronic regulation convenient instrument panel; work load independent of pedal speed; easily adjusted for all riders; heavy duty saddle; Schwinn quality throughout. For full details write to the Schwinn factory.

1856 N. Kosner Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60639

  • EX-1 Schwinn ergoMETRIC EXERCISER.............$395.00

See the complete history of the Schwinn Exerciser.

Schwinn Deluxe Exerciser

Now, enjoy the regular daily exercise that helps keep you fit and trip. It's so easy and convenient in the privacy of your won home.

1972 schwinn deluxe exerciser

No matter what the weather is like outside, there's always riding fun for the whole family indoors. Ideal for weight watchers and perfect to help skiing and skating fans to keep in shape. For year round fun or the daily bike break. Quiet running ---use it while watching your favorite TV show, enjoying stereo, or reading.

Easily adjusted handlebar and deluxe padded saddle for short or tall riders. Convenient control panel with speedometer, mileage indicator, timer, adjustable pedal resistance control dial, rubber pedals with toe straps, sturdy Schwinn frame support and full length chain guard.
Colors: Coppertone or Sierra Brown.

  • XR5 Schwinn Deluxe Exerciser..............................$94.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Exerciser.

Schwinn Bicycles for Women

Schwinn Super Sport

The girls demanded it, so Schwinn engineering designed it.

1972 schwinn super sport for girls

A fully equipped sports bike for the girl who really wants to ride a top quality bike. Featuring the extra light chrome moly alloy steel frame. Wide range 10-speed derailleur gears with 5-cog cluster.

Drop style handlebars, hooded caliper brake levers, rattrap pedals, toe clips and straps, and racing style saddle. Twin-Stik gearshift controls, quick release hub, center pull handbrakes. Schwinn 27" X 1 1/4" high performance sports touring tires. Fender optional at extra cost.
Choice of Colors: Kool Lemon, Opaque Green, and Opaque Blue.

  • Model 869 19" frame Super Sport .... $136.95
  • Model 872 22" frame Super Sport .... $136.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Sport.

Schwinn Varsity Sport

Want more from cycling?

1972 schwinn varsity sport for girls

Want to feel the thrill of the control and performance you can only get from 10-speed gears? Want a smooth, effortless ride you've never felt before? Then the Schwinn Varsity is you choice.

Lightweight frame, Twin-Stick gear shift controls, 10-speed derailleur gears, 38 to 100 ration, sprocket style chrome plated chainguard, 27" X 1 1/4" sports tiers, drop handlebars, sports saddle, dual position caliper brakes, leers and a wide.
Choice of colors. Model available with finder at a slight extra cost.
Choice of colors: Sierra Brown, Campus Green and Kool Lemon.

  • Model 169 19" frame Varsity .............. $ 89.95
  • Model 171 21" frame Varsity .............. $ 89.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Varsity.

Schwinn SubUrban

An elegant Schwinn bicycle offering a choice of gear options and frame sizes to fit the petite as well as the taller girl.

1972 schwinn suburban for girls

Tubular front fork, deluxe mattress saddle, enameled fenders richly trimmed with gold color stripe, 27" X 1 1/4" nylon cord Puff tires.
Choice of colors: Sierra Brown, Campus Green, Burgundy.


  • Model 667 17" frame Suburban .....$94.95
  • Model 669 19" frame Suburban .....$94.95
  • Model 667 21" frame Suburban .....$94.95


  • Model 567 17" frame Suburban .....$86.95
  • Model 569 19" frame Suburban .....$86.95
  • Model 571 21" frame Suburban .....$86.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Suburban.

Schwinn Breeze

Value priced for the girl who wants the most in ride and style on a budge, lightweight design, Schwinn tubular rims, chrome plated fender, two-tone padded saddle, built-in rattle-free kick stand.

1972 schwinn breeze and collegiate for girls

Choice of colors: Campus Green or Burgundy.

17" frame 19" frame

  • K67-6 -------------K61-6 Breeze with coaster ..... $56.95
  • K67-4 -------------K61-4 Breeze with 3-speed .... $66.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Breeze.

Schwinn Collegiate

Enjoy the added tuning of 5-speed gear performance. Handbrakes, foam cushion saddle. Elegantly styled with chrome fenders. Derailleur gears with Single-Stik control.
Choice of Colors : Sierra Brown, Campus Green, or Kool Lemon.

  • Model 767 17" frame Collegiate .........$79.95
  • Model 769 19" frame Collegiate .........$79.95
  • Model 771 21" frame Collegiate .........$79.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Collegiate.

1972 schwinn lock

Correct---The chain goes thru both wheels, the frame and around the stationary object.
Correct---The chain goes thru the wheel, the frame and thru the bicycle rack.
Correct---The chain goes thru both wheels, the frame, and thru the fence shown.

1972 schwinn lock 2

To properly lock your bicycle, loop the chain through the frame and rear wheel and around a port or other stationary object.

Bicycle Thefts are on the rise...
Lock your bike - securely....

Always lock your bicycle every time you must leave it unattended. Don't make the mistake of leaving it unlocked and unattended "just for a minute."

Use a high quality lock and case hardened chain to lock you new Schwinn. Avoid locks that can be easily cut with wire cutters and other such tools.

Put your bike away in a locked garage or a shed. Don't leave it in the yard or driveway where it is a temptation.


Schwinn Town and Country Tri-Wheeler

Whisk off to market, do an errand, and enjoy the out-of-doors at the same time.

1972 schwinn town and country tri wheeler

It's all possible on the Schwinn Town and Country- and you don't even have to know how to ride a two-wheeler. Complete security. Easy to get on and dismount, too. Features include chrome plated fenders, spacious detachable vinyl coated wires basket with carrying handles , comfortable contoured mattress saddle, front caliper and special parking bake to prevent rolling.
Choice of color Sierra Brown of Campus Green.

  • Model AT1-5 Coaster brake Town and Country.....$149.95
  • Model ATI-8 3-Speed Town and Country...........$161.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Town and Country.

1972 schwinn clothes

Schwinn Gifts

Schwinn Cap

Thermo cool, foam line, adjustable cap, non-break visor, fully washable. Sizes Med. and large. Colors: White or Red. $2.95

Schwinn T-shirt

Two-tone fine quality, 100% cotton T-Shirt with imprint as shown front. Sizes: S-M-L-XL. For men and women .... $2.25 With large emblem ....... $2.25

Schwinn Surfer

Cotton twill, thermo cool foam lined. Alternation panels. One size fits all . . . new and different . . . $2.95

Schwinn Cycling Shirt

Fine quality shirt for active wear. Collar with button opening. Colors: green, Cream, Scarlet and Blue. For me and women. Sizes: S-M-L-XL ........... $7.95

Schwinn Windbreaker

Lightweight, nylon windbreaker for active wear . . . golf, riding, etc. Zipper front closure Choice of Colors: Blue, Yellow, White, Red. Sizes: S-M-L-XL ...... $12.95

Schwinn Roll-Up Hat

An ideal hat with a sporty look. Poplin fabric with pelon lining. Choice of white with red band, or red with white band. S-M-L-XL ...... $4.50 TUFF-N-DRY JACKET Waterproof nylon with reflectorized racing style safety up into collar. Zipper closing. Bright colors: Red, Orange, or Yellow Sizes XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL . . . $17.95

Schwinn Slacjac

Perfect for outdoors in any weather. Waterproof nylon with reflectorized safety striping, hood pants roll up and snap into hem of jacket. Sports apparel for active people. Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow. Sizes XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL . . .$24.95

1972 schwinn 11


Fine quality RAM balls with Schwinn trademark imprint. A perfect gift for the cycling golfer, doz . . $12.95

Schwinn Golf Towel

Large terry. towel , washable, sturdy brass grommet for mounting to golf bag or cart . . . $ 2.95


Bicycle design glasses to help you enjoy your favorite beverage
9 oz . . . . (8) ea . . . . . . $8.95
12 oz . . . . (8) ea . . . . . . $8.95

1972 schwinn 12

Schwinn Steel Rule

A handy pocket rule. Self contained. Lightweight, stainless steel . . . $3.50

Schwinn Greenskeeper

The golfer's pal. Ball maker, spike cleaner, Stainless steel..... $4.50

Schwinn Pocket Knife

An ideal gift. Flat styling for convenience. Two blades including nail file. . . $4.50

1972 schwinn 13

Schwinn Cuff Links

For the cycling enthusiast! Heavy gold plate. A gift that compliments an identifies. .$4.95

Schwinn Tie Bar

Wear it proudly and tell the world you are a cycling fan and a Schwinn owner.
Deluxe Tie Bar (A). . . $3.50
Bike Tie Bar (B) . . . .$3.50

Schwinn Charm Bracelet

Smartly styled gold finish bracelet complete with Schwinn bicycle charm . . . $2.95

1972 schwinn 14 1972 schwinn illinois


In the shadow of Chicago's 100-foot high John Hancock Center a wide paved bike path travels the length of the city's famous lake front providing a lovely recreation area for northern Illinois cycling fans. Many larger cities are planning opening in town- cycling facilities for the benefit of its citizens... why not contact your mayor, alderman or city council to help develop cycling in your area.


Several miles of paved bicycle trails wind their way through Calabassas Park outside of Los Angeles.

Students at University of California-

At Irvine enjoy a complete network of bike trails from class to class.


Is for the whole family with tots safely in their baby seats, the youngster pedaling along behind...Bicycles are for everyone.

1972 schwinn wisconsin


Cycling is part of campus life. At the University of Illinois at Champaign, portions of the public streets are curbed off for the protection of the bicyclists. No other form of transportation could provide for the thousands of students to move to and from with such ease. Bike paths criss cross the entire campus and adjoining public thoroughfares.


What a thrill to ride through one of the many old tunnels along the Elroy-Sparta State Trail in Wisconsin.

Washington, D.C.-

From Washington, D.C. for 180 miles to Cumberland, Maryland, the Chesapeake and Ohoi Canal Townpath provides a picturesque and exciting ride for cyclists. Ample camping, picnic spots, drinking water, and rest points make it one ot the most exciting of all bicycles rides.

Schwinn 24-inch wheel Varsity Sport

Boys Bikes

1972 schwinn varsity sport for boys 24 inch

In response to public demand Schwinn has designed a new 24" lightweight with the same Schwinn Quality features as the full size models . . . now the thrills and excitement of 10-speed cycling are ready for the growing boy.

Take a look at the special diamond style lightweight frame, drop handlebars, Schwinn-Approved derailleur gears, dual position caliper brakes, Schwinn Twin-Stik gear shift controls-up front where they belong. Schwinn-Approved racing saddle. No other bike in the 24-inch size offers so much . . .no other bike is so exciting.
Choice of colors: Kool Lemon, Sierra Brown, or Campus Green.

  • Model 144 24-inch VARSITY SPORT ..... $89.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Varsity.

Schwinn Manta-Ray

Feature packed from the front to rear, the 24" Manta-Ray has never been equalled for excitement.

1972 schwinn mantaray

Now, on 5-speed models, genuine automobile type disc brakes! Camelback frame, Sting-Ray style saddle, 52 tooth MAG Sprocket.
Choice of colors: Kool Orange, Kool Lemon, or Campus Green.

  • Model H26-6 Coaster brake Manta-Ray ... $69.95
  • Model H26-9 5-speed Manta Ray ........... $101.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Manta-Ray.

Schwinn Krates

The famous Schwinn Sting-Ray design customized with an array of special high-performance features!

1972 schwinn krates

Full floating ride with shock absorbing saddle and front fork, choice of gears, bucket seat, front drum brake. Rear disc brake on 5-speed models.
Choice of colors: Orange Krate, Lemon Peeler, Apple Krate (red) , Pea Picker (green)

  • C30-6 Coaster brake Krate ........... $ 82.95
  • C30-9 5-Speed Stik-shift Krate .... $113.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Krates.

1972 schwinn 15

Disc Brakes on These
5-Speed Models

Inspired by the brakes on the finest sports cars, the handlever controls a powerful vise like grip on the steel disc for sure, safe stops. Another safety first for bicycles.

Schwinn Fastback

Lightweight styling, fast, and responsive.

1972 schwinn fastback

Adjustable handlebar and saddle. Stik-shift. 27" X 1 3/8" Slik rear and sports front tires. MAF sprocket.
Colors: Kool Lemon, Kool Orange, or Campus Green.

  • H36-6 Coaster Fastback ... $66.95
  • H36-9 5-speed Fastback ... $86.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Fastback.

Schwinn Deluxe Sting-Ray

Fully equipped and ready to go! Chrome plated fenders, bucket saddle, narrow line front and gripper rear tire.

1972 schwinn deluxe stingray

Built-in kickstand.
Colors: Campus Green, Kool Lemon, or Flamboyant Red.

  • J39-6 Coaster D/L Sting-Ray .$67.95

Schwinn Sting-Ray

This is it! The original! Responsive, fast, and fantastic!

1972 schwinn stingray

Bucket saddle, MAG sprocket, Slik rear tire.
Colors: Campus Green, Kool Lemon, or Flamboyant Red.

  • J38-6 Coaster Sting-Ray $59.95
  • J38-3 3-speed Sting-Ray $81.95
  • J38-9 5-speed Sting-Ray $84.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Sting-Ray.

Schwinn Fair Lady

Schwinn Bikes for Girls

1972 schwinn fairlady

Perfect for the girl who wants the responsive Sting-Ray design. Low contoured frame that's easy to get on and off. Floral trimmed basket, Sting-Ray handlebars, comfortable saddle, chrome plated fender. Gripper Slik rear tire.
Choice of Colors: Campus Green, Kool Lemon, or Burgundy.

  • J89-6 Coaster Fair Lady ...... $62.95
  • J89-4 3-Speed Fair Lady ...... $75.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Fair Lady.

Schwinn Star Dust

A shopper's delight for mother or daughter.

1972 schwinn stardust

Removable floral trimmed basket with chrome carrier. Low, lightweight frame that's easy to step through. Comfortable Sting-Ray saddle. Chrome fenders. MAG sprocket. Built in kickstand.
Choice of colors: Campus Green, Kool Lemon, or Burgundy.

  • H86-6 Coaster Stardust ... $68.95
  • H86-5 3-speed Stardust ... $79.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Stardust.

Schwinn Lil' Chik

Perfect and petite for girls.

1972 schwinn lil chik, junior stingray and midget stingray

Special frame design, chrome plated fenders, floral print saddle, Schwinn tubular rims, improved medium-rise handlebars.
Choice of colors Campus Green, Burgundy.

  • J81-6 Lil Chik...$54.95

Schwinn Junior Sting-Ray

Sporty and smart for the younger set. Chrome plated fenders, improved medium-rise handlebars, bucket style saddle, Gripper Slik rear tire.
Choice of colors: Campus Green, Kool Lemon.

  • J31-6 Junior Sting-Ray..$54.95

Schwinn Midget Sting-Ray

The scaled down version of the genuine Sting-Ray for boys. Sting-Ray style bucket saddle and new medium-rise handlebars. Schwinn tubular rims. Gripper Slik rear tire. Built-in kick-stand.
Colors: Campus Green, Kool Lemon.

  • J47-6 Midge Sting-Ray...$48.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Midget.

1972 schwinn new york


Parke County, Indiana from Rockville offers a variety of easy ride with 39 covered bridges. Fun? You bet!


Students ride from class to class at University of Illinois as they do at schools all over the country.

Washington, D.C.-

Along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. the towpath provides a wonderful ride in Washington.

New York-

Central Park, in New York City is a weekend mecca for outdoor fans. Thr broad sidewalks and roads become a bicyclist's heaven...off limits to autos.

Schwinn Heavy Duti

First choice for newsboys.

1972 schwinn heavy duti, typoon and hollywood

Built for use and heavy loads. Cantilever frame, heavy duty front hub. Schwinn 26" X 1 3/4" tractor tires, heavy duty saddle, drop forged crank, heavy duty spokes.
Colors: Kool Lemon, or Black.

  • M15-6 Heavy Duti ... $74.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Heavy-Duti.

Schwinn Typhoon

Schwinn quality and strength. Sturdy Schwinn cantilever frame, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims. Schwinn 26" X 1 3/4" nylon cord tires, forged steel fork, built-in kickstand.
Colors: Red or Campus Green.

  • L12-6 Typhoon ..... $57.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Typhoon.

Schwinn HollyWood

The middleweight for girls. Graceful styling. Chrome plated fenders, two-tone saddle, built-in kickstand, Schwinn tubular rims, 26" nylon cord tires, ladies' frame that's easy to get o and off.
Colors; Campus Green or Burgundy.

  • L62-6 Hollywood .. $57.95

Schwinn Typhoon

A leading middleweight bike designed for the younger rider.

1972 schwinn typhoon and hollywood

Sturdy Schwinn cantilever frame, forged steel fork, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 20" X 1 3/4" nylon cord tires. Chainguard.
Colors: Flamboyant Red or Campus Green.

  • L32-6 Typhoon ... $46.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Typhoon.

Schwinn HollyWood

Popular Schwinn styling for growing girls in a value priced bike. Electroforged frame. Chrome palate fenders Schwinn 20" X 1 3/4" nylon cord tires, built-in kickstand.
Choice of colors: Campus Green or Burgundy.

  • L82-6 Hollywood .. $49.95

Schwinn Bantam

Value you can count on in a convertible bike designed to fit the growing family.

1972 schwinn bantam and pixie

20" model quickly converts from a boy's to a girl's bike by simply removing the top bar. Chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, 20" X 1 3/4" nylon cord tires Schwinn quality throughout.
Colors: Campus Green or Flamboyant Red.

  • J35-6 Bantam .... $51.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Bantam.

Schwinn Pixie

Easy-to-ride 16" model designed for boys and girls 3 to 5 years old. Famous Schwinn quality features include chrome plated fenders, 16" semi-pneumatic white-wall tires, patented Schwinn Cycle Aid training wheels. Top bar removes to convert bike from boy's to girl's.
Choice of colors: Campus Green, Flamboyant Red, or Kool Lemon.

  • J42-6 Pixie ......... $36.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Pixie.

Schwinn Sting-Ray Pixie

A popular 16-inch beginners bike.

1972 schwinn stingray pixie and lil tiger

Top bar removes easily to convert it from a boy's to a girl's bike in minutes. Sting-Ray type handlebars, adjustable saddle, built-in kickstand, 16" X 1 3/4" pneumatic tires.
Choice of colors: Campus Green, Kool Lemon or Flamboyant Red.

  • J44-6 Sting-Ray Pixie......$39.95

Schwinn Lil' Tiger

The perfect first bike for the boys and girls from 2 to 4 years old. Compact Sting-Ray design complete with Schwinn Cycle Aid training wheels. Schwinn quality equipment throughout. Chrome fenders, Sting-Ray type saddle.
Choice of colors: Campus Green, Flamboyant Red, or Kool Lemon.

  • J52-0 Lil' Tiger ............ $31.95

Schwinn Unicycle

A new experience to test your skill in riding and balance.

1972 schwinn unicycle

The special patented saddle adds control and riding comfort Schwinn tubular rim, chrome plated frame-fork, and adjustable seat post . . . 20" and 24" sizes . . . whitewall tire. It'll be a whole new dimension in cycling pleasure."

  • U20 Unicycle .... $39.95
  • U24 Unicycle .... $39.95

See the complete history of the Schwinn Unicycle.

There is a Reason...
Schwinn Bikes Are Best!

There is a noticeably better ride on a Schwinn bike... they do "stand-up." They don't "fall apart." The few dollars more a new Schwinn costs are saved time and again in lower upkeep costs.
Schwinn owners agree... Schwinn bikes are best!

1972 schwinn 16

4-Coat Finish Lustrous Baked-on colors that stay on!
Dur-a-roll Bearings smoother, harder, easier rolling
Schwinn Tubular rims double Thickness- for stronger
Crank hanger exclusive Extra strength design

1972 schwinn 17

Fender Braces Heavy Duty, Rattle -Free
Schwinn Frame head extra strength only on Schwinn
Schwinn Frame electronically forged strongest frame built
Schwinn Forged Crank stronger, Easier turning

1972 schwinn 18

Forged Front fork stronger more Resilient
Built-in Kickstand Welded on Rattle Free
Rear Fork Ends Stronger, Welded on
Schwinn Tires and Tubes made in schwinn Molds

1972 schwinn 19

Bicycle Safety...
it starts with a light
and a Horn or BellM

1972 schwinn 20

Some States laws require a light,
Horn or Bell

Some state and local laws may require that your bicycle be equipped with a warning device such as bell or horn, and a light... Check with your Factory Authorized Schwinn Dealer. He can advice you as to the proper bicycle equipment to meet the requirements of your community.

A complete selection of lights, horns, generator sets, tail lights, and bells, is available at slight extra cost.

1972 schwinn 21 1972 schwinn 22
  • 06 655 - Chain and lock set with hardened chain and laminated key lock with hardened shackle.....$5.49
  • 06 650 - Chain and lock set with harnened chain and combination lock with hardened shackle.......$5.49
1972 schwinn 23
  • 06 690 thru 06 700 - Combination lock and chain in colors to match most bicycles.........$2.49
  • 06 670 - Extra long 6 ft. hardened chain, padlock, with hardened shackle.................$10.95
  • 06 630 - "Big Boss" Heavy duty 3/8" hardened chain and chrome plated harneded lock.......$19.95
1972 schwinn 24
  • 06 639 thru 06 649 - 6 ft. bicycles locking cable in assorted colors.....................$3.49
  • 06 661 - Combintaion bicycle lock with hardened shackle..................................$2.95
  • 06 662 - Laminated padlock with key and hardened shackle.................................$2.49
1972 schwinn 25
  • 06 620 - Super cable, heavy duty 6 ft. cable and hardened steel paadlock set............$19.95
  • 06 660 - Combination lock with hardened shackle and 6 ft. cable set.....................$ 2.89
  • 06 684 - Heavy duty one piece cable and lock set........................................$2.89
1972 schwinn 26
  • 06 683 - Frame pump with clips...........$1.98
  • 60 680 - Compact foot pump...............$2.69
  • 60 681 - Deluxe foot pump................$4.49
  • 60 682 - Deluxe foot pump with color coded pressure gauge.........$9.95
  • 69 230 - Tire pressure gauge with reset up to 115 lbs..............$4.85
  • 69 226 - Bicycle tire gauge, 10 -120 lbs...........................$1.98
  • 60 660 - Compact power pump........................................$7.95
  • 60 661 - Replacement CO2 cartridges for 60 660 Pack of live........$2.49
  • 60 415 - Bicycle tire- Stop Leak- tire sealing fluid...............$1.29
  • 60 410 - Bicycle tube repair kit...................................$ .39
  • 60 406 - Bicycle tube repair kit...................................$ .39
1972 schwinn 27

Whatever you need in Tires or Tubes...........Insist on Schwinn

Schwinn brand tires are made by major manufacturers on Schwinn's own molds, especially to fit. Schwinn's extra strength tubular rims. Longer wearing nylon reinforced tread designs that hold the road better at higher speeds and during turns. Accept no substitutes. Insist on Schwinn.

Thorn resistant tubes are available in all Schwinn sizes and styles.

1972 schwinn 28

Schwinn Baby Seats

  • 01 500 - Baby seat complete with safety belt, foot protectors and seat pad. Folded it serve as luggage carrier.....$12.95
  • 01 550 thru 01 556 - Folding baby seat complete with safety belt, foot protectors and soft vinyl covered seat pad. Available in colors to match most bicycles.............$12.95
1972 schwinn 29

Schwinn Bags....

  • 00 005 - Deluxe front touring bag. Heavy vinyl cloth with waterproof map holder and "see-thru" window.......$5.95
  • 00 015 - Medium size Cotton Duck touring bag with two side pockets. Pocket size 4" x 2 1/2" x 6" deep. Cloth rubbing patch. Overall bag size 12" x 7" x 7 1/2" deep.............$13.95
  • 00 016 - Large size Cotton Duck Touring bag with two large side pockets. Pocket size 7" x 3" x 4" deep. Shaped to allow minimum saddle height with maximum capacity. Leather rubbing patch. Overall bag size 14" x 10 1/2" x 6 1/2" deep..........$16.95
1972 schwinn 30
  • 00 050 - Touring bag, quality cotton 9" x 8" x 7 1/2" deep tapered shaped..............$4.95
  • 00 052 - Medium size quality cotton touring bag 13" x 8" x 7 1/2" deep with two side pockets..............$6.95
  • 00 054 - Large quality cotton touring bag 15" x 10" x 9" deep with two side pockets.............$8.95
1972 schwinn 31
  • 00 041 - Lock and tool bag of black vinyl cloth.......$1.39
  • 00 030 - Touring bag of heavy vinyl cloth.............$2.50
  • 00 031 - White heavy vinyl cloth touring bag..........$2.50
  • 00 036 - Large heavy vinyl cloth touring bag with two side pockets.....$5.95
1972 schwinn 32
  • 00 800 thru 00 805 - Junior size woven plastic basket with color trim to match most bicycles......$1.95
  • 00 781 - Multi colored woven basket with carrying handles (Use wiht 01 420 carrier)...............$3.95
  • 00 782 - Floral trimmed shopping basket with handles(Use wiht 01 420 carrier).....................$3.95
  • 00 720 thru 00 728 - Woven plastic basket with color trim to match most bicyles, Mounts by straps in handlebar.....$2.98
  • 01 505 - Rear Carrier with spring package holder and briefcase hanging brocket....................$4.79
  • 01 540 - Rear lightweight spring carrier for 26" and 27" bicycles. Wire construction and chrome plated. Easily installed, the carrier attaches to frame and drop out ends, Front check clip holds packages in place........$4.50
  • 01 403 - Rear carrier for middleweight bicycles. Chrome plated with two red reflector.............$5.39
  • 00 675 - Wire saddle basket set. Chrome plated designed to mount on Schwinn Rear carriers.........$5.49
  • 01 535 - Short lightweight rear spring carrier and bag support. Wire construction and chrome plated installs on frame with rubber covered clamp.....................$3.75
  • 00 006 - Carrier for deluxe front touring bag...................................$3 95
  • 01 420 - Front basket carrier with quick release clamp. For Schwinn approved baskets. Chrome plated...$4.95
  • 00 658 - Unitized wire carrier saddle basket, with adjustable mounting bracket Chrome plated..........$10.95
1972 schwinn 33
  • 04 140 - Deluxe generator set complete with headlight, tail light, and generator. A must for night riding..........$8.75
1972 schwinn 34
  • 04 200 - Lightweight Super Sport generator set complete with headlight, tail light and generator...................$8.75
  • 04 100 - Single unit block generator set complete with headlight..................$5.49
  • 04 115 - Sportlight generator set complete withh headlight, tail light and generator......$6.75
1972 schwinn 35
  • 05 712 - Deluxe Ball Light with chrome case and lighted amber side reflectors(batteries not included).............$3.95
  • 04 175 - Tail light for use generator sets....$2.39
  • 05 835 - Easily mounted, battery operated Tail Light(batteries not included........$1.39
1972 schwinn 36
  • 04 180 - Generator operated Tail Light equipped with amber and red lens....$1.29
  • 04 181 - Tail Light for use with generator sets...$.89
  • 08 815 - Strap-on safety Light with amber and red lens(batteries not included)...$1.95
1972 schwinn 37
  • 05 005 - Long chrome plated bulb horn............$1.29
  • 05 001 - chrome plated - Bugle horn..............$2.95
  • 05 003 - Small brass bugle horn..................$2.95
  • 05 267 - Large chrome plated Bugle horn.........$4.49
  • 05 006 - Giant brass bugle horn..................$12.95
  • 05 050 - Electric Horn with chrome case..........$1.49
  • 05 051 - Deluxe electric Horn with chrome case...$1.99
  • 08 430 - Speedometer with silver enamel case......$7.49
  • 08 435 - 08 851 - Deluxe Speedometer with chrome case..........$8.49
  • 07 010 - 4" round mirror, chrome plated with reflector........$ .99
  • 07 011 - Chrome plated oblong mirror with two reflectors......$ .99
  • 02 801 - 02 802 - Schwinn approved Cyclometer.....$3.95
  • 07 015 - 3" chrome plated round mirror.............$ .49
  • 07 014 - 3" chrome plated mirror with reflector....$ .69
  • 01 010 - Schwinn Approved Bicycle Bell....$.99
  • 01 006 - Bell with assorted antique bicycle illustrations.....$ .99
  • 01 001 - American Flag bicycle bell......$.99
  • 01 007 - Bicycle bells with animal cartoons.....$ .89
  • 01 015 - Bicycle bell with antique bicycle illustration.....$.99
  • 01 005 - Deluxe ding dong bicycle bell with approved seal.......$1.95
1972 schwinn 38

For Riding Fun!
Bike Care the easy Way....

Keeping your bicycle in tip-top shape easy - and saves on repair bills. too, regular use of the proper lube, oil, and polish easy with the Schwinn Approved products.

  • 73 200 - Bicycle Spray Polish........$1.99
  • 72 020 - Spray Lubricant (LPD9)......$1.99
  • 72 500 thru 72 534 - Spray Paint, large size.....$1.99
  • 73 203 - Bicycle degreaser (DG-15)...$1.79
  • 72 720 thru 72 733 - Paint Stik, touch-up color. No spray- no brush.......$1.29
  • 73 206 - Chrome Polish............$ .79
  • 73 205 - Bicycle Wax..............$ .79
  • 72 210 - Rust Eraser- simply rub on rust spot to remove...........$1.29
  • 72 800 thru 72 808 - Custom Flek one coat Hi Gloss Spray Enamel. Available in 9 custom Colors.....$2.49
  • 72 815 thru 72 819 - Custom acrylic one-coat, Hi-Gloss spray enamel. Choice of colors, opaque colors.....$2.29
  • 72 002 - Cycle oil...................$ .49
  • 72 600 thru 72 634 - Spray Paint, small size.....$ .99
  • 72 001 - Cycle lube.............$ .59
  • Luggage straps in assorter colors
  • 01 814 - 12" Long $ .49 to $ .89
  • 01 821 - 18" Long $ .49 to $ .89
  • 01 822 - 24" Long $ .49 to $ .89
  • 07 800 - Sticky back safety reflectors.....$ .99
  • 94 525 - Bicycles storage hook set...$1.49 set of 2
  • 04 950 thru 04 964 - Handbrake lever covers in glitter colors......$ .49
  • 27 902 - Derailleur Guard chrome plated...$1.59
  • 07 700 - Chrome plated handlebar in matching colors...$.49
  • 09 110 thru 09 117 - Cotton handlebar tape in colors..........$ .79
  • 09 056 thru 09 071 - Handlebar tape in glitter colors....$. 69
  • 04 715 thru 04 726 - Handlebar Grips in gliter colors....$. 69
  • 09 501 - Trouser guards........$ .49

Schwinn Cycle-Aid

The ideal bicycle accessory to help the beginner get a head start in cycling enjoyment. Wheel height adjustable. Available for 12" , 16" and 20" bikes.

  • 02 527 for 12";
  • 02 525 for 16";
  • 02 526 for 20" - Schwinn Cycle Aid.....$5.49
1972 schwinn 39
  • 46 915 thru 46 917 - Ladies leather cycling gloves.........$9.95
  • 46 920 thru 46 924 - Men's Deluxe leather cycling gloves with padded palm....$9.95
  • 06 930 thru 46 936 - Men's leather cycling gloves............$7.95
  • 46 950 thru 46 953 - Vinyl cloth cycling gloves in assorted colors.....$2.95
1972 schwinn 40
  • 49 700 to 49 703 - Canvas back packs with waterproof lining.......$7.95
  • 49 730 - 731 - Lightweight back packs with carrying straps........$6.95
  • 49 720 t0 49 722 - Nylon back sacks with pocket............$9.95
1972 schwinn 41
  • 47 080 - Toe clips for reflector pedals with leather straps....$3.99
  • 47 325 - Bottle and cage for frame mounting.....$3.19
  • 47 075 - Toe clips and leather straps............$2.99
  • 47 310 - Bottle and cage for handlebar mounting...$3.19
  • 07 600 - Pedal blocks.........$1.19
1972 schwinn 43

Here's a complete selection of special Sting-Ray
Equipment for safety, for fun, for performance.

1972 schwinn 42
  • 08 452 and 08 453 - Deluxe Speedometer with chrome case.........$8.49
  • 08 431 - Schwinn Approved Speedometer with silver enamel case.....$7.49
  • 05 836 - Tail light with adjustbale bucket. Batteries not included......$2.49
1972 schwinn 44
  • 05 510 thru 05 512 - Hub shiners with racing stripes and safety reflectors...$ .69
  • 05 010 - Triple note chrome bulb horn........$3.49
  • 07 020 - Racing designed mirror..........$1.49
1972 schwinn 45

It's easy to "customize" with these ideas from Schwinn.

  • 00 042 - Utility bracket for mounting lock and tool bag on seat struts....$ .44
  • 00 041 - Lock and tool bag of black vinyl cloth...........$1.39
  • 08 640 thru 08 648 - Handlebar streamers in choice of colors.......$ .49
1972 schwinn 46
  • 05 838 - Deluxe directional tail light. Batteries not included......$4.95
  • 23 900 and 44 205 - Chrome Stik-Shift for bikes with gears.....$8.49 to $10.95
  • 01 414 - Front wire spring carrier, chrome plated.........$5.39
1972 schwinn 47
  • 55 010 - Junior Sting-Ray handlebar.... $2.69
  • 55 002 - Standard Sting-Ray handlebar....$2.89
  • 58 585 - Sting-Ray seat with Floral pattern and strut.....$7.50 to $13.95
  • 58 693 thru 58 696 - Manta-Ray seat with racing stripe and chrome strut.....$7.50 to $13.95
  • 58 683 thru 58 688 - Sting-Ray seat with racing stripes and chrome strut....$7.50 to $13.95
  • 58 570 thru 58 583 - Deluxe Sting-Ray seat with silver inlay and strut......$7.50 to $13.95
1972 schwinn 48

Schwinn No-Time-Limit

Schwinn bicycles, and Schwinn parts and accessories manufactured by Schwinn, are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship... No Time Limit, Schwinn-Approved parts and accessories are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for period of one year from the date of purchase.

Schwinn will replace-without charge...any original part that is determined br the factory to be defective under the terms of this guarantee. See your Schwinn Dealer for service or replacement under this guarantee.

Failure, loss or damage due to accident, abuse, neglect, normal wear, improper assembly or maintenance by anyone other than an Authorized Schwinn Dealer or use of other than genuine Schwinn parts is not covered.

Free 30-Day Checkup

Each Schwinn Bicycle will be fully assembled by the Authorized Schwinn Dealer at time of purchase, and will be entitled to recieve a free 30-day Checkup by the same Authorized Schwinn Dealer within the first 30 days of operation...such checkup to include free replacement of any parts found to be defective, free inspection and adjustment of all functional parts and assemblies... but not including any repair due to accident, abuse, neglect, normal wear, improper assembly or maintenance by anyone other than an Authorized Schwinn Dealer, or use of other than Genuine Schwinn Parts.

Dealer labor charges are not covered by this guarantee after the Free 30-day checkup, except for any labor charges due to free replacement of a defective or broken frame within one year from date of original purchase at retail.

Replacement of defective parts and those dealer labor charges specified above sall be the sole remedy of any purchaser under the Schwinn Guarantee, and in no event shall Schwinn be liable on any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness, or for special or consequential damage. The Foregoing warranties are in Lieu of and exclude all other warranties not expressly set forth herein.

See your Schwinn Dealer for service under the Schwinn Guarantee or write for assistance to:

Customer Service Department,
Schwinn Bicycle company,
1856 N, Kostner Avenue,
Chicago, Illinois 60639.

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