The Schwinn Wasp

The Schwinn Wasp was made between 1954 to 1964. This page provides year by year images and information quoted from Schwinn catalogs


A brisk riding beauty with the Exclusive Schwinn Cantilever frame!

1954 Schwinn Wasp

Fine quality construction features make this unequipped model ideal for utility or pleasure riding where rugged dependability is important. Boys model has patented Cantilever frame.

  • 26-inch size Boys D-12
  • 24-inch size Boys J-22
  • 20-inch size Boys J-32

Schwinn Wasp Girls

  • 26-inch size Girls D-62
  • 24-inch size Girls J-72
  • 20-inch size Girls J-82

See the full 1954 Schwinn catalog.


Cantilever frame construction and quality equipment make the Wasp an ideal choice for those who want the best in a standard balloon-tired bike.

1955 Schwinn Wasp

Schwinn Wasp Models

Boys 26-inch Model D12


Shipping Weight lbs.

  • D12 D62 26-inch Wasp 58 57
  • J22 J72 24-inch Wasp 50 50

Boys 26-inch Model D12

Here’s top performance and study dependability at a reasonable price.


  • Frame - boys balloon cantilever,girls ballon.
  • Fork - forged.
  • Rims - Schwinn tubular S2, chrome.
  • Tires - Schwinn typhoon.
  • Colors - opal red,blue or green;also black enamel.

See the full 1955 Schwinn catalog.


Fine quality construction features make this standard unequipped model idea for utility or pleasure riding where sturdy dependability is important Boys model has patented cantilever frame.

1956 Schwinn Wasp

  • boys and girls 26" and 24" models.
  • Colors: Opalescent red, blue or green-also black enamel.

See the full 1956 Schwinn catalog.


Bikes are wonderful for out door exersice to built god health - and you'll love thier smooth easy ride!

1957 Schwinn Wasp

Handsome heavy duty model of the Schwinn line with baloon tires. Sturdy construction and dependability plus famous schwinn quality features throughout.

  • boys 26" model
  • Colors: Opalescent red, blue or green-also black enamel.

See the full 1957 Schwinn catalog.


Top - quality, heavy duty balloon model Wasp balloon

1959 Schwinn Wasp

Ideal heavy duty bike - for newspaper route work, messenger or delivery service or for boys who give their bikes unusually hard use. May be ordered with truss rods, heavy-gauge spokes, heavy duty knock-out hubs and the other special equipment.

Features: Schwinn Cantilever frame, forged fork, Schwinn tubulat chrome rims, balloon tires, Radiant colors. Coasters brake only.


  • B12-1 26 inch Coaster (Mark IV) 53
  • Colors: radiant red, Blue, green and black.


  • B12-1 26"

Coaster description part no.

Frame 1921
Fork 2000
Heas Bearing
set 2576
Handlebar Stem 7516
Handlebar 7800
Handlebar Grips 7915
Saddle 7142
Fender-Front 5000
Fender-Rear 5200
Chain Guard 5801
Kickstand Schwinn
Crank 6001
Pedals 6519
Hub-Front 4901
HUb-Rear Mark IV 4853
Rims 3904
Spokes-Front 3700
Spokes-Rear 3701
Tires 3013
Reflector 5614

See the full 1959 Schwinn catalog.


Specially designed for heavy duty utility use...often called the "news boy's special".

1960 schwinn wasp

1960 Schwinn Wasp

Balloon tires!
Heavy duty!
Cantilever Frame

  • 26" coaster brake....$56.95

Extra built -in strength to carry the load with trouble free endurance. 26" x 2 1/2 balloon tires. Radiant red, black.

See the full 1960 Schwinn catalog.


Extra built -in strength to carry the load with trouble free endurance.

1961 schwinn wasp

1961 Schwinn Wasp

Balloon tires!
Heavy duty!
Cantilever Frame

  • 26"2-speed...........$66.95
  • 26" coaster brake....$56.95

Specially designed fr heavy duty utility use...often called the "news boy's special". 26" x 2 1/8 balloon tires. Radiant red, black.

The Newsboy's Special Schwinn Wasp

Heavy-duty balloon-tired bike for work, messenger or delivery service. May be ordered with struss rods, heavy gauge spokes, heavy-duty hubs.


  • B12 26 inch Wasp 58

Colors: Radiant red and black.


Frame : Schwinn cantilever frame.
Fork: Schwinn forged.
Crankset: One piece,drop forged.
Backstand: Built-in
Brake: coaster
Rims: Chrome tubular
Tires: 26" x 2 1/8" Schwinn Typhoon

See the full 1961 Schwinn catalog.


New boy's Special! Balloon tired! Heavy duty model.

1962 schwinn wasp

1962 Schwinn Wasp

Newboy's special!
balloon tires!
heavy duty model!

Perfect for news boys or delivery service. Heavy duty model includes 120 gauge spokes, heavy duty front hub and saddle.

Colors: radiant red or black enamel.

  • 26" coaster brakes-B12 ................. $56.95
  • 26" Automatic 2-speed-B12............... $66.95
  • 26" heavy-duty-coaster brake B-14 ...... $66.95
  • 26" heavy duty-Automatic 2-speed-B14.... $76.95

See the full 1962 Schwinn catalog.


The Newsboy's Special Schwinn quality features.

1963 schwinn wasp

1963 Schwinn Wasp

  • American-made coaster brake
  • 26"x2 1/8" Schwinn Typhoon tires
  • Sturdy Schwinn cantilever frame
  • Chrome truss rods

Extra sturdy balloon-tired bike for work, messenger or delivery service... first choice for newsboys.
Also offered in special heavy-duty model with heavy-duty front hub... heavy 120 gauge spokes... NO.7000 heavy-duty saddle.

DESCRIPTION Wt.lbs. price
Wasp American made 53 - $56.95
Coster brake 54 - $66.95
Heavy duty Wasp
American made coaster brake 59 - $66.95
Heavy duty, automatic 2-speed 60 - $76.95
COLORS: flamboyant red and black

Optional at extra cost:

  • chrome plated spring fork $6.75.
  • knobby tires, $4.50.
  • thorn-resisting tubex, $2.00

See the full 1963 Schwinn catalog.


Schwinn deliver bikes - ideal for low-priced, economical delivery service for drug stores, delicatessens, markets, news agencies and others, specially made with extra strength frame and heavy duty equipment.

1964 schwinn wasp

1964 Schwinn Wasp

The "newsboy special". Extra sturdy balloon tired bike for messenger work, or delivery service. Also available in a heavy duty model with a heavy duty front hub, 120 gauge spokes.
Colors: Flamboyant Red or Black.

  • B12 - 26" Wasp - coaster - $56.95 / 2 Speed / $66.95
  • B14 - 26" Heavy duty Wasp - coaster / $66.95 / 2 Speed / $76.95

See the full 1964 Schwinn catalog.

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