The Schwinn Fleet

Introduced in 1962, the Fleet was hailed as "Fine Schwinn Quality at a budget price".


Note in the 1962 images the Fleet featured a slimline tank without a horn. This was only a feature in 1962. It is a great tank to find if you can as it looks amazing.

1962 Schwinn Fleet

Sparkling chrome rear carrier. No carrier on 20" model. Flamboyant Red or Black enamel.

Slim-Line tank! built-in Kickstand! Budget Price!

Sparkling chrome rear carrier. No. carrier on 20" model. FLamboyant red or black enamel.

  • 26" Coaster brake, D10 .. $49.95
  • 26" 2-speed, D10 ........ $59.95
  • 24" Coaster brake, D20 .. $47.95
  • 24" 2-speed, D20 ........ $57.95
  • 20" Coaster brake, D30 .. $39.95

Here is a picture of the no horn slimline tank of 1962 in black...

See how the Schwinn logo is on the top half of the tank? Now see the 1963 below, which finds the logo on the bottom half...

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The Fleet looks a little different in 1963.

1963 Schwinn Fleet

Slim-Line tank! Built-in Kickstand! Budget Price!

Schwinn Cantilever frame, tubular rims. Flamboyant red, black.

  • Zone1
  • H10-26" Coaster brake .... $49.95
  • H10-26" 2-speed .......... $59.95
  • H20-24" Coaster brake .... $47.95
  • H20-24" 2-speed .......... $57.95
  • H30-20" Coaster brake .... $39.95

Schwinn Cantilever frame, tubular rims. Flamboyant Red or Black enamel.

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Fully equipped, economy priced, and available in all sizes. A popular bike for those who appreciate extra value.

1964 Schwinn Fleet

Flamboyant Red or Black. No carrier on 20" size.

Coaster, 2-speed

  • L10 - 26" Fleet ................ Coaster - $49.95 / 2-speed - $59.95
  • L20 -24" Fleet ................ Coaster - $47.95 / 2-speed - $57.95
  • L30 -20" Fleet ................ Coaster - $39.95

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Fully equipped, economy priced.

1965 Schwinn Fleet

Headlight, streamlined tank with built-in horn, rear carrier, Schwinn tubular rims, built-in kickstand flamboyant red or black.

  • L10 26" Fleet, coaster brake....$49.95

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Outstanding value in a fully equipped bike.

1966 Schwinn Fleet

Coaster brake

Headlight, tank with built-in horn, two-tone saddle, chrome plated rear carrier, chrome plated tubular rims, 4-coat baked on finish. Flamboyant Red, Black.

  • L10-6 26" Fleet, coaster brake.... $52.95

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A feature-packes 24-inch bike that's made to last!

1967 Schwinn Fleet

Equipped with chrome plated fenders, streamlined tank with built-in horn, chrome plated rear carrier, fender-mounted headlight, strong built-in kickstand, Schwinn 24" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires.
Colors: Coppertone, Red, Black.

  • L20-6 24" Fleet, coaster brake .....$51.95

Schwinn FLEET Junior

A really handsome bike that's styled for action. Compact 20 inch size, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 20" x 1 3/4 nylon cord whitewall tires, fender-mounted headlight, streamlined tank, two-tone saddle. Colors: Coppertone, Red, Black.

L30-7 20" Fleet coaster brake...$43.95

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Handsome fully equipped middleweight with long lasting features.

1968 Schwinn Fleet

Streamlined tank with built-in horn, fender-mounted headlight, chrome plated rear carrier, durable Schwinn built-in kickstand, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn 24" x 1 3/4" nylon whitewall tires, sturdy tubular rims.

Colors: Coppertone, Red, Black.

  • L20-6 24" Fleet, coaster brake...$54.95
  • L30-7 20" Fleet, coaster brake .....$46.95

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