The Schwinn Tiger

The Schwinn Tiger was made from 1955 to 1962 and unlike many Schwinn bikes, the Tiger pretty much stayed exactly the same throughout its run. Below are the year by year images and text from the old Schwinn catalogs....



boys 26-inch Model F10 The popular Schwinn Tiger offers al the advantages of true middleweight styling and performance. It features 3-speed gears, front and rear caliper brakes, the new 1.75” Schwinn Tornado tire and the superb styling of Schwinn cantilever frame. SPECIFICATIONS FRAME- Boys middleweight cantilever, girls middleweight. FORK- Forged, narrow middleweight design. REAR HUB- 3-Speed. BRAKES- Caliper brakes, front and rear. TIRES- Shwinn Tornado, 1.75” RIMS- Schwinn tubular S7, chrome. COLORS- Opal red, blue or green; also black enamel. MODELS Shipping Weight lbs. BOYS GIRLS SIZE DESCRIPTION BOYS/GIRLS F10 F60 26-inch Tiger with 3-speed 56 1/2 56 1/2 F20 F70 24-inch Tiger with 3-speed 48 1/2 48



SCHWINN TIGER - 3 speed gears
S popular 3-speed middleweight with front and rear hand brakes, 1.75" schwinn tornado tires, the suerbly styled Schwinn cantilever frame and all the famous schwinn exclusive quality features. offered in boys and girls 26" models in opalescent red, blue or green also black enamel.



TIGER - A lightning-fast middleweight... geared to go! * Sturney Archer 3-speed Gears * Front and rear hand brakes * 1.75 middleweight tires * schwinn cantilever frame * boys and girls 26" Model COLORS: Opalescent red, green or blu and black enamel.



TIGER SMART NEW SCHWINN CANTILEVER MODEL MIDDLEWEIGHT POPULAR “EXTRAS” – and a wide choice of gearshift hubs or coaster brakes makes the Schwinn Tiger a natural step-up from standard models. Features; Famous Schwinn Cantilever frame, Radiant colors, front carrier, chrome headlight, whitewall tires and choice of 3-speed with caliper brakes, 2-speed coaster brake or regular coaster brake. TIGER MODELS FOR BOYS Shpg. No. Size Description Wt. Lbs. S13-3 26 inch 3-Speed (Schwinn-Approved) 53 S13-2 26 inch 2-Speed Coaster (Bendix) 53 S13-1 26 inch Coaster (Mark IV) 53 S23-3 24 inch 3-Speed (Schwinn-Approved) 48 S23-2 24 inch 2-Speed Coaster (Bendix) 48 S23-1 24 inch Choaster (Mark IV) 48 See page 30 for other rear hubs, optional equipment and how to order. COLORS: Radiant Red, Blue, Green; Black. ALL SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.



The Schwinn TIGER
Chrome headlight! Front carrier! Whitewalls tires!
26" 2 or 3-speed.....$66.95
26" coaster brake....$56.95
24" 2-speed..........$63.95
24" coaster brake....$53.95
Popular semi-equipped model, Radiant red, blue, green, black.
Schwinn Qualtiy Throughtout....SCHWINN TIGER
Popular extras... and a wide choice of gearshift hubs and coaster brakes make the Schwinn Tiger an outstanding model.
No. size description shpg wt, lbs
S13 26 inch TIGER 55
S23 24 TIGER 49 1/2



THE Schwinn TIGER Chrome headlight! front carrier! Whitewall Tires! zone1 26" Coaster Brake, F13...$56.95 26" 2-or 3 speed, F13...$66.95 24" Coaster Brake, F13...$53.95 24" 2-speed, F23, F13...$63.95 26" in Radiant Red, Green, Blue, Black 24" in Radiant Red or black. Handsome Styling The Schwinn Tiger Smart appearance and top a wide choice of gearshift hubs and coaster brakes make the Schwinn Tiger an outstanding value. *Chromw plated front carrier *schwinn tubular chrome rims *Whitewall tires *American-made coaster brake...or 2 or 3 gears on 26" *Forged steel and handlebar stem *Sparkling Shcwinn Radiant Colors description shpg wt. lbs zone 1 price 26" Coaster Brake, 55 $56.95 26" 2-or 3 speed, 55 $66.95 24" Coaster Brake, 50 $53.95 24" 2-speed, F23, 50 $63.95 COLORS: 26" Radiant Red, Green, blue, back 24"-radiant red

OPTIONAL AT EXTRA COAST. Front caliper brake on 26" coaster model, $3.00...Tcw 3-speed coaster with front caliper, on 26" as subtitute for 3-speed coaster with front caliper, on 26 as subtitute for 3-speed with front and rear handbrakes, $4.50.. Drilled fork on 26" coaster model, $.75...Thorn resisting tubes, $2.00..tractor tires, 26", $2.25

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